You are in the last months of your balloon therapy. There is still more to accomplish:

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For a lot of patients, at this time, the balloon has become less effective. This is part of the stomach’s accommodation to the balloon – in other words, the stomach really gets used to the balloon. So, can you accomplish more at this late date? You can – it’s time to start using the tools that you have developed up till now. As you have already learned, your goal is not simply to lose weight; your most important goal to change to a healthier lifestyle. You need to have the head/attitude of a healthy-eating person. Those people make food choices based on their underlying impression of the previous week. In other words, their food choices depend on how they ate recently. For instance, they may decide to eat a salad instead of pasta with sauce, because they may have had too many carbs over the previous week. That’s where you need to be. Be aware of your food intake and make food choices based on last week’s food intake. That’s where your balloon assisted you. Those minor signals sent to you by the balloon should have made you stop and think about the food you chose to eat over the previous week. The more you practice this way of life, the more you will continue using it after the balloon is removed. So, use these last few months to work on this.

You can do it!

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