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Numerous studies have already highlighted the health benefits of yoga. However, some of these may be lost on the average individual. This is even more relevant if you have never practiced yoga in the past. Let’s therefore examine yoga in greater detail to appreciate the amazing transformation that could be in store.

My yoga teacher refers to complicated, pretzel-like yoga poses as “stupid human tricks”. Not because they aren’t authentic yoga, but because most people misunderstand what yoga is and why complicated poses are just a small part of the practice of yoga. The truth is, there are many different kinds of yoga, and there are dozens of health benefits to even the gentlest kind of yoga practice.

What is yoga?

So, what is yoga? Originating in ancient India, yoga is defined as a series of physical, mental and spiritual exercises. These are then combined with a specific type of breathing alongside various poses in order to provide the practitioner with a sense of peace and tranquility. While some practice this art for purely physical reasons, others embrace yoga for flexible mind and body purposes.

The different types of yoga

Different Types Of Yoga

You might already be aware that there are many different types of yoga. Each of these has been developed for a specific purpose. For instance, some users choose yoga exercises for weight loss while others are interested in harmonizing the mind and body or improving their balance. Here are some variants to examine in greater detail:

  • Hatha yoga: intended to restore the mind-body balance.
  • Ashtanga yoga: a form associated with weight loss.
  • Vinyasa yoga: yoga emphasizing posture and unique breathing techniques
  • Kundalini yoga: focusing on spiritual awareness

Each of these styles is likewise associated with its own set of movements that are generally performed in a predetermined pattern. So, there is something for everyone to get the health benefits of yoga!

Yoga Poses Names

Yoga can also be classified in terms of the poses and movements that are performed. Those associated with easy yoga for beginners are generally straightforward while others may require months or even years to master. Let’s quickly list some of the more well-known exercises:

  • Sukhasana (Easy pose)
  • Dhanurasana (Bow pose)
  • Vakrasana (Twisted pose)
  • Halasana (Plough pose)
  • Kakasana (Crow pose)

Feel free to perform additional research to better understand these yoga poses names as well as the unique characteristics of each.

Yoga for flexible mind and body

Advantages of doing yoga

It is now wise to briefly list some of the main health benefits of yoga to fully understand why so many have taken up this hobby.

Yoga for Flexible Mind and Body

This is arguably the most well-known motivating factor. Yoga teaches practitioners to become better “in tune” with their bodies over time. Furthermore, this mind-muscle connection will even help some to better appreciate the world around them. In other words, yoga is often considered to represent a light form of meditation.

No matter how simple or complex the pose, yoga teaches us how to embody. An important benefit of yoga is mindfulness. Whether you’re sitting in a chair or standing on your head, yoga teaches you to be mindful of your breathing and of your body. Yoga asks you to be in your body while you move and while you hold still.

For many of us, it’s a very different way of being in the world. Generally, we live from our heads and carry our bodies along. During yoga practice, we drop into our bodies and become aware of the many sensations we feel as we go through different poses.

Can you feel your muscles stretching? Can you feel your ribcage expand? Can you sense the place where the pads under your toes connect with the mat?

Better Balance and Muscle Tone

The movements and poses associated with yoga will help to improve one’s balance as well as to address posture issues such as stooped shoulders. This is why yoga can be great for the elderly.

Yoga can also help to improve muscle tone as well as to enhance strength without adding mass. Thus, it is often used to complement other aerobic activities.

Easy yoga for beginners

Improves Metabolic and Immune System

Another health benefit of yoga is that the motions espoused by yoga can provide the metabolism with a much needed boost. Some yoga exercises for weight loss will therefore provide noticeable results with time and practice.

Yoga has been found to boost the immune system, lower blood sugar, prevent digestive problems, ease pain and offer many other health benefits.

But the one most relevant could be that the mindfulness of yoga can spill over into mealtimes, making you a more conscious and slower eater. This, in turn, will help you make better food choices that support your improving health.

How to do yoga? Easy yoga for beginners!

Similar to any new activity, it is best to start off slow and to focus upon basic movements. It is likewise important to pay attention to your breathing (this is known as a form of mindfulness). Most experts also recommend joining a yoga class or following the guidance provided by online instructors.

This will provide you with the fundamentals. You can then advance over time in accordance with your ultimate goals. Note that yoga is just as much of a lifestyle as it represents a form of exercise. In other words, practice makes perfect!

Include yoga in your weight loss journey with Spatz!

We can now see why yoga is practiced by individuals from all walks of life. Basic yoga is a great companion both before and after your treatment with the Spatz3 gastric balloon. You don’t have to be slender and masterfully flexible to benefit from learning yoga. Yoga is for every body.

Let’s also point out that might provide even more powerful results to those who have been fitted with a Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. The health benefits of yoga cannot be denied and as always, committing to such a lifestyle change will lead to powerful results.

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