Will Swimming Help Me Lose Weight?

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While there are many ways in which you can trim down with the help of regular exercise, swimming for weight loss has become an incredibly popular option. Not only does this represent one of the most natural activities that can be performed, but the low-impact nature of swimming is great for those who may suffer from joint-related issues (such as arthritis).

However, can swimming really provide the results that you have been looking for? Let us first take a look at a bit of science before moving on to address some of the most frequently asked questions.

Swimming and Every Day Weight Loss: The Fundamentals

How can swimming be used as an effective means to lose weight? The main answer to this question involves the fact that you will be incorporating numerous muscles while performing such an activity. In other words, swimming represents a great way to achieve a whole-body workout.

Swimming is also considered to be extremely effective in terms of boosting your cardiovascular health. This primarily arises from the fact that it is an aerobic activity. Not only can you tone important muscle groups such as the hamstrings, glutes, and arms, but swimming helps you to burn excess calories.

Some of the Most Effective Swimming Exercises to Lose Weight

As we have already mentioned, swimming will provide you with an excellent full-body workout. There are still some unique exercises that can be specifically employed to shed those extra kilograms. These are a handful of well-known examples:

  • The butterfly stroke.
  • Freestyle swimming.
  • The backstroke.
  • The breaststroke.

Note that some of these movements are intended to target a specific area. For example, the butterfly stroke and the breaststroke place a greater emphasis upon your shoulders, arms and pectoral muscles. The backstroke works:

  • Rear deltoid.
  • The lower back.
  • The quadriceps.
  • The abdominal muscles.

However, other methods such as freestyle swimming tend to work the entire body. You can therefore expect to experience a fulfilling workout that might not always be possible when using other methods such as free weights.

Swimming exercises for weight loss

Can You Employ Swimming to Lose Belly Fat?

Most of us are already aware that it can be frustratingly difficult to target belly fat with standard exercises. To an extent, this is just as true in regard to swimming. The good news is that many aquatic movements still place a significant amount of emphasis upon the core. So, melting away any unwanted love handles can still be possible.

Most experts state that standard (freestyle) swimming is the most effective. In fact, studies have found that it is possible to burn up to 500 calories per hour in this manner. Although swimming for an hour might not be realistic for beginners, the body will build up endurance over time. Swimming for weight loss can therefore represent an excellent addition to your standard fitness regimen.

How Long Should You Swim Each Day to Lose Weight?

It is crucial to highlight the fact that some individuals may be able to swim for longer amounts of time than others. If you have not performed this type of exercise in the past, it is always wise to pace yourself. For instance, set incremental milestones (such as swimming for a few laps before taking a break). These goals can then be increased as your body becomes accustomed to the movements themselves.

There are also many types of wearable devices (such as smartwatches) that are capable of tracking the distances that you swim, as well as the theoretical amount of calories that are burned. This information can then be used to better appreciate which routine works the best for your specific body type.

Swimming impact for weight loss

A Low-Impact Activity With High-Impact Results

Swimming is an activity practiced by individuals from all walks of life. This is due in large part to the many fat-burning advantages that it has to offer. As mentioned previously, swimming is likewise a great alternative if you suffer from mobility issues, or you are unable to perform traditional aerobic activities (such as running on a treadmill).

A final benefit is that aquatic exercises are excellent ways to slowly become more physically active if you have recently been fitted with a Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. Swimming for weight loss is a potent activity to consider and ultimately, you will be pleased with the results of your effort!

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