Why is oat healthy? Discover some easy recipes

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Nutritional value of oats

Are oats healthy for you? The simple and resounding answer is an unequivocal “yes”. Although this food might appear to be rather humble in nature, it is actually laden with vital nutrients. An oats diet will provide you with impressive amounts of iron, manganese, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium and zinc. Oats are also a powerful source of vitamin B1.

The good news is that a single serving contains only 95 calories and yet, you will be receiving five grams of protein. We can therefore begin to see why oats health benefits should not be taken lightly!

Different types of oats

There are actually several different varieties to consider if you are interested in creating an oats for weight loss recipe.

Oats come in different forms, depending on how much processing the original oat kernels (called groats) undergo. It can be confusing because some types can be called by different names. The general rule is that the more the oats are processed, the shorter the cooking time. Processing also affects texture and flavor.

Here are a handful of options to consider.

Different types of oats

Whole oat groats

Whole oat groats are unprocessed and take quite a long time to cook. Combine ¼ cup of oat groats and ¾ of a cup of water per serving in a small saucepan and simmer on low for about 50 minutes. The cooked oat groats can be used for breakfast or as part of a stuffing mix.

Steel-cut oats

Steel-cut oats are produced when the whole grain is sliced thin by steel blades. Rolled oats are oat groats that are pressed into flat flakes by industrial strength rollers. Rolled oats are sometimes called old-fashioned oats and are most commonly used in baking. To cook, mix one part oats with two parts cold water and simmer 30 minutes for steel-cut oats and 15 minutes for rolled oats.

Quick-cooking oats

A time-saving alternative to rolled or steel-cut oats are quick-cooking oats which are made much like rolled oats, except they are cut into smaller pieces, which cuts down on the cooking time. The final product will be smoother (some say mushier) than rolled or steel-cut oats.

Instant oatmeal

You might be most familiar with instant oatmeal, which is the most heavily processed. With instant oatmeal, the grains are partially cooked (which reduces cooking time in your kitchen) and then rolled extra thin. Packaged instant oatmeal is often flavored with salt, sugar and other ingredients, making it the least healthy option.

Oat bran

You might also see oat bran and oat flour sold separately. Oat bran is retained in rolled and steel-cut oats. When it’s sold separately, it can be added to other foods for a fiber boost.

Oat Flour

As you might have guessed, oat flour is nothing more than whole oats that have been ground into a fine powder. Oat flour is often used within many healthy recipes if you are looking for a substitute to replace processed (enriched) flour. Oat flour that hasn’t come into contact with other flours is gluten-free.

Raw Oats

These are oats in their natural form. They contain both the kernel and the outer husk. Raw oats tend to contain the highest proportion of nutrients per serving. Some feel that this is the best type of oats due to their nutritional value.

Benefits of eating oats

Benefits of eating oats

Now that we have taken a quick look at some variants, we have to ask a relevant question. Are oats good for you? The truth is that you can enjoy incredible advantages by incorporating oatmeal into your dietary regimen.

Here are some health benefits of eating high-fiber oats:

  1. Oats help reduce the risk of heart disease in part by helping to lower LDL (the bad) cholesterol.
  2. Oats can slow the build-up of plaque, basically the gunk that lines the blood vessels, narrowing the passageways. These narrow passageways can lead to high blood pressure and heart attacks, so reducing or slowing the accumulation of plaque can help prevent heart attacks.
  3. An oatmeal breakfast can help strengthen your immune system, making you more resistant to colds and flu.
  4. Oats help stabilize blood sugar, especially important for those with diabetes or pre-diabetes. In fact, eating oats six times a week can reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in the first place.
  5. Pre-menopausal women who eat diets high in fiber from whole grains such as oats benefit from a lower incidence of breast cancer.
  6. Consuming whole grain oats helps protect children from developing childhood asthma.
  7. Oats are a gluten-free staple food. This is crucial, as many individuals are not able to tolerate gluten due to the digestive problems that it can cause. This is also the reason why oat flour is a popular choice when baking fresh bread at home.
  8. Oats are rich in substances called antioxidants (particularly compounds known as polyphenols). Antioxidants help to prevent cellular damage and it is thought that they play an important role in preventing a host of potentially serious illnesses.
  9. Oats are thought to possess several anti-inflammatory properties. Not only can this improve heart health, but it may be possible to alleviate the symptoms of chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.
  10. Finally, oats contain a type of fiber known as beta-glucan. Without becoming overly technical, beta-glucan promotes the growth of “good” bacteria found within the small intestine. Oats may therefore represent an excellent digestive aid.

Best recipes of oats for weight loss

Let’s now examine some ways to eat oat products if you wish to leverage all of the advantages mentioned above.

Oatmeal Breakfast Ideas

Are there any healthy ways to eat oatmeal without sacrificing flavor? One excellent suggestion involves boiling oats in water and topping the oatmeal with fresh fruit, natural maple syrup or honey.

Recipes of oats for weight loss

Easy Healthy Overnight Oats

Many individuals choose to consume oats before going to bed due to their ability to stave off hunger. A simple method is to add oats to milk and to microwave this mixture until it has the consistency of a thick soup.

Oatmeal Shakes

Healthy baked oats can also come in the form of a shake. Add one cup of oats to water, fat-free milk or soy milk (depending upon your preferences). You may also choose to include other ingredients such as flax seed oil, whey protein isolate or mixed fruits. Simply blend until the mixture has achieved the desired consistency

Include oats in your diet to lose weight with Spatz

Are oats healthy choices? The answer to this question should now be entirely clear. The good news is that there are numerous ways in which oats can be included within your Spatz3 diet. You will be provided with a plethora of vitamins and nutrients while feeling full for longer periods of time.

The term “oats healthy” has been trending across the Internet due to the amount of attention that this subject has received. So, be sure to include these humble grains to further augment the benefits of your Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon.

Once you’ve decided to give oats a try, start searching for more healthy oatmeal recipes beyond the ones we’ve recommended. Whenever you’re inspired to take control of your health, take a look at the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon to see how it can help you meet your personal wellness goals.

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