Why Have I Gained Weight During My Vacation?

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Weight gain during the holidays is actually much more common than you may have been led to believe. Studies show that more than 25 percent of individuals will gain at least one kilogram. Just over ten per cent will gain two kilograms or more. In other words, the average weight gain for holidays can vary slightly between individuals. It is nonetheless a fact that many will notice a change in the way they look or feel.

While this might be somewhat comforting to know that you are not alone, it is still frustrating if you have been looking to maintain a specific weight. In order to highlight some powerful solutions, it is first wise to examine the reasons behind such a pronounced trend.

What are the Reasons Behind Weight Gain During Holidays?

There are several factors which can contribute to gaining weight over the holiday season. Whether referring to a summer vacation abroad or relaxing over Christmas, these tend to remain the same.

Perhaps the most common cause involves the types of foods that we consume. Many will take certain liberties in terms of their dietary habits, stating that they “deserve a break” and that “a bit of indulgence never hurt anyone”. Unfortunately, these attitudes will often result in the consumption of excess calories. Such a mindset can cause even more noticeable changes for those who have been following a strict diet, as the body may find it difficult to adjust to foods that it does not normally consume.

The second variable involves our activities over the holidays. While some individuals will make it a point to exercise, the vast majority adopt a more relaxed mindset. A temporarily sedentary lifestyle can still cause changes, particularly in reference to the ways in which it might slow down our metabolism. This once again can result in storing calories as fat as opposed to burning them off with the help of a standard exercise regimen.

Now that we have stressed some of the main reasons why you might put on weight over the holidays, what are some steps to take in order to mitigate the associated effects without causing too much stress?

Weight gain during holidays

How to Not Gain Weight During the Holidays

A bit of common sense and discipline will go a long way in this sense. It is first a good idea to take a look at your diet during these time periods. What types of foods will you consume? Are these substances high in saturated fat and cholesterol? Are you prone to eating sugary foods that might cause your glucose levels to go haywire (leading to cravings)? How many meals do you eat and are snacks consumed between these sessions? The chances are high that habits you might embrace throughout the year are relaxed over the holidays.

Knowing how to lose weight on vacation therefore requires a certain amount of introspection flavored with a modicum of discipline. Here are some useful suggestions to consider:

  • Keep a journal of the types of foods you eat, as well as when these are consumed.
  • Use an online calorie counter.
  • Limit the temptation to snack in between meals.
  • Try to remain physically active throughout the day (or at least as much as is realistically possible).

It may also be wise to take a brisk walk after eating a heavy meal. This can help to jumpstart your metabolism; enabling your body to digest more calories.

How to lose weight on vacation

Counteracting Holiday Habits

Even if you follow the tips outlined above, you may still find that you have gained a bit of weight. This is why jumping back on the proverbial “horse” as soon as possible is important. Immerse yourself within an effective exercise program. Consume healthy foods and get plenty of rest. Above all, appreciate the fact that any weight gained is only temporary. Those excess kilos will begin melting away with the proper motivation and if you are able to set distinct goals.

Another powerful tool at your disposal is the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. This device limits the amount of food that you can consume, resulting in a lower caloric uptake and ultimately, helping you to maintain a healthy body mass index.

Remember that weight gain during the holidays is quite natural and returning to your former routine is the best way to continue a healthy lifestyle.

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