Why Choosing a Smaller Plate of Food Can Help You Lose Weight

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How large is too large when considering a typical plate of food? Thanks to modern conveniences and a plethora of choices, we often stack our plates high in order to satiate a healthy appetite. However, this is hardly a healthy habit. Are you concerned about your current diet? Although there are many ways to lose weight, one of the most effective is also the simplest – your diet.

Why not choose a smaller portion plate? Portion plates for weight loss have become quite common in recent years for a number of reasons. Why is this the case? Are there any psychological elements to consider? Ultimately, can you lose weight by eating less without sacrificing your favorite meals? Let’s dive right in!

Small Portion Of Food

Small Plates Equate to Smaller Portions

This first observation is likely to be the most obvious and yet, it is highly relevant in terms of weight loss. Simply stated, you will not be able to fit a great deal of food upon a relatively tiny plate. While it seems obvious, making smaller plates of food is a great way to lose weight.

Taking Calories Into Account

When discussing smaller dinner plates for weight loss, it is crucial that we touch upon the topic of caloric intake. Studies have found that we consume a staggering 92 percent of what is placed in front of us during a meal. Assuming that our food is placed upon a standard 12-inch plate, we could reduce these calories by up to 22 percent by limiting the diameter of the plate by a mere two inches. Let’s look at how this translates into real-world weight loss goals.

For the sake of argument, let’s imagine that the average dinner equates to 800 calories. Using a plate that is two inches smaller could cause an adult to shed a total of 18 pounds in a single year. In terms of easy ways to lose weight, a bit of self-control can go a long way!

The Surprising Influence of Psychology

Psychology also plays a pivotal role in terms of transitioning to smaller plates of food. This is largely the result of a phenomenon known as the Delboeuf Illusion. The Delboeuf Illusion states that humans will always perceive objects as smaller when compared to a larger item. In other words, a small portion of food placed upon a large plate will seem insufficient. This is why dinner plate size can make all the difference in the world.

Placing food upon a relatively smaller plate will enable the portions themselves to appear larger. Therefore, it is much less likely that we will feel the desire to add more food or to return for seconds. Downsizing your plates is a great way to reduce your cravings while still obtaining ample portions of healthy food.

The Takeaway Dilemma

Many of us enjoy eating out at a local restaurant from time to time. However, our eyes are often larger than our stomachs. This causes us to ask for a takeaway bag so that the remainder of the food can be consumed at a later time. This is the exact antithesis of eating less to lose weight. We are more likely to finish a smaller plate of food, helping to ensure that the takeaway option is not required.

Smaller Portions Of Food To Weight Loss

A Welcome Habit to Embrace

We are all creatures of habit. This is why choosing smaller serving sizes can have beneficial long-term benefits. Our bodies will become accustomed to such dimensions over time, allowing our stomachs to shrink and for us to achieve our weight-loss goals. In fact, it is now possible to purchase a weight loss plate from well-known suppliers.

Taking Calories Into Account To Weight Loss

Seeing is Believing

In terms of weight loss, it is clear that bigger is not better in terms of portion sizes. Choosing a smaller plate of food can help you to remain healthy and over time, you will feel less tempted to indulge in excess. Please feel free to try this recommendation out for yourself in order to appreciate the results, and let us know about the success you’re having with the smaller portion sizes!

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