Get to know the different body types: Which one is yours?

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How to know your body type?

Although we might assume that there is a broad range of body types, in fact, scientists have categorized us into three main body types. Some people are pure types and others are a combination of types. In general, the body types are believed to link to metabolism and consequent ability to gain weight.

Appreciating the different body types is key if you hope to remain fit and to reach your weight loss goals. Most of us can be grouped into one of three categories: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. Each is associated with certain qualities, so let’s look at these three different body types in more detail.


On one end of the scale are the ectomorphs; a scientific word meaning thin.

  • Ectomorph characteristics:
    Ectomorphs are often quite thin. They have small bone structures, and they often have narrow shoulders and chests. Ectomorph women often have small breasts.
  • Ectomorph and weight loss:
    Ectomorphs tend to have fast metabolisms, meaning they burn calories quickly and easily. As a result, it’s harder for them to gain weight.
  • Ectomorph diet:
    An ectomorphic diet tends to be high in calories and protein and moderate in terms of carbohydrates. This arises from the fact that ectomorphs require more nutrients to function at their metabolic peak. Ectomorphs can eat a higher number of calories and a higher percentage of carbohydrates than others without gaining weight. In a nutshell, your friend who stays effortlessly thin is likely helped by having an ectomorphic body type.
  • Ectomorph workout plan:
    Workouts for ectomorphs tend to focus more around weight training as opposed to aerobics; particularly for those who are hoping to fill out their frame.
Ectomorph characteristics


The second major body type group are the mesomorphs. They fall into the “middle of the spectrum”.

  • Mesomorph characteristics:
    These are the muscular types. They tend to be strong, with well-defined muscles. Mesomorphs make natural bodybuilders! They have broader shoulders and heavier bones than ectomorphs.
  • Mesomorph and weight loss:
    They also can gain weight more easily than ectomorphs. But, at the same time, mesomorphs can gain muscle and lose fat relatively easily.
  • Mesomorph body type diet:
    Too many carbs and calories will make the mesomorph gain weight. A mesomorphic diet is often the most balanced in terms of carbohydrates, fats and protein. It is nonetheless important to adopt healthy eating habits in order to avoid those extra kilos.
  • Mesomorph exercises:
    The type of workout designed for a mesomorph will depend upon his or her goals. For example, mesomorph exercises such as weight training will help to create lean muscle mass while aerobic sessions can be used to lose excess body fat.
Mesomorph characteristics


The third body type is the endomorph. They are the opposite of the ectomorphs.

  • Endomorph characteristics:
    Not slender and wirey like the ectomorph, not naturally muscular like the mesomorph, the endomorph has a naturally slower metabolism. Their bodies tend to be softer, rounder and stockier. It’s possible for a person with an endomorph body to be muscular, but the body naturally tends to store fat.
  • Best way for endomorphs to lose weight:
    Endomorphs have the slowest metabolism and therefore, it is much easier for them to gain weight if the correct lifestyle habits are not put into place. It is estimated that slightly more than half of all adults are considered to be endomorphs.
  • Best diet for endomorph:
    A healthy endomorph diet should focus upon restricting the number of calories consumed. Moderate levels of healthy carbohydrates, and protein derived from sources such as chicken breast or fish will also avoid unintentional weight gain. One dietary strategy is to limit carbohydrates in the diet to a maximum of 20% of calorie intake.
  • Best exercise for endomorph:
    In terms of body type weight loss, endomorph exercise routines should focus around high-intensity aerobic sessions and lighter weights. This will help to burn off calories that would otherwise be stored as fat.
Endomorph characteristics

Types Of Body Shapes

How do I know my body shape? This is a common question and there are actually a number of different body types. Appreciating subtle characteristics has helped experts design workouts for different body types.. Let us take a closer look.

Inverted Triangle Body

In terms of the different body types men and women desire, an inverted triangle tends to be popular. Individuals are wider at the shoulders and narrower at the hips.

Hourglass Body Shape

Often considered the “ideal” female body shape, hourglass figures boast rather broad shoulders, slim hips and proportioned legs.

Pear Body

These types of body shapes are known for a slightly larger trunk when compared to the torso. Weight may also accumulate around the buttocks, stomach and thighs.

Rectangular Body Type

Rectangular shapes are associated with broad frames that tend to be equally proportioned between the shoulders, hips and legs. Mesomorphs and endomorphs may exhibit a rectangular body.

Apple Body

Also known as a round body, apple bodies tend to gain weight around the midsection while their shoulders and legs may be slightly narrower in comparison.
Body type and metabolism

Weight Loss And Your Body type

We can now see why the body type metabolism relationship is important if you want to lose weight. Ectomorph mesomorph and endomorph characteristics are based on genetics and subsequently influenced by lifestyle habits.

Ectomorphs are not likely to need the help of a gastric balloon, but if you’re one of the other body types and struggling with extra weight, a Spatz adjustable gastric balloon can help you launch your weight loss journey.

Many endomorphs have already benefited from the Spatz3. When combined with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, there is no doubt that beneficial results will follow. Different body types have diverse needs and thankfully, science has taken the guesswork out of the equation.

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