What is Zumba ?

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If you’re tired of the treadmill and other boring, repetitive forms of exercise or just want to jazz up your exercise routine, consider a Zumba class.

If you’ve heard of Zumba but aren’t quite sure what it is, think of it as a Latin music inspired dance party. Zumba includes cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, mambo, rumba, flamenco and hip-hop dance styles, all blended together to help you tone your body while having a great time.

Zumba instructors are certified, so when looking for a Zumba class, make sure to ask about the certification of the instructor. Most will have passed the Zumba Basic Level One Training Course which enables them to teach Zumba to the general public. For those new to exercise or older, look for a teacher certified in Zumba Gold Training. A good instructor will both explain and demonstrate what you should do. Keep in mind that every fitness instructor has a different style, so if you like the Latin music and dance moves of Zumba but don’t feel comfortable with the instructor, try a different class.

Make sure to wear clothes that will enable you to stay cool and don’t forget to bring water to class. It’s important to stay hydrated while you’re dancing.

A safe Zumba class will include a warm up and a cool down. Some new Zumba students feel overwhelmed in the beginning but even if takes you some time to get the moves down, you’ll still be benefiting from whatever movement you do, even if it’s not exactly what everyone else is doing! And the music and the rhythm makes it fun, even if you goof up a little. So don’t be intimidated. You can look up Zumba on YouTube and watch a few minutes of Zumba classes to get an idea of what they are really like. Here’s an inspiring video about a woman learning to use Zumba as part of her own weight loss journey. Zumba is a great companion to your gastric balloon journey.

Classes are available in over 180 countries, so head over to Zumba.com to find a class near you and start shaking your booty.

Author: Rebeca Espinoza

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