What is the Most Effective Treatment for Obesity?

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The most effective treatment for obesity is the one that works for you, and in reality, the best treatment for obesity is a combination of weight loss treatments. In trying to figure out the most effective weight loss treatment, you’ve probably figured out that diet or exercise alone aren’t enough, but they are helpful with other weight loss treatments. To be able to answer, “what is the most effective treatment for obesity”, you need to know what the options are and why certain combinations are more effective than the others.

What are the Most Common Treatments for Obesity?

If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher, then according to CDC guidelines, your weight is in the obese range. Obesity is linked with heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, emotional struggles and mental health issues, stroke, sleep apnea, diabetes, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, varieties of cancer, poor cholesterol, and possibly early death.

Losing weight and falling under a BMI of 30 is important for your overall health, which is why there are so many effective weight loss treatment options. These include:

If you’re looking for the most effective treatment for obesity, chances are you’ve tried at least one of these methods—maybe more than one at once. The best treatment for obesity will be the one that helps you lose the weight you want to lose and keep it off.

Best treatment for obesity

Diet and Obesity

Diet is very important when it comes to treating obesity. While eating balanced portions is important, eating the correct foods is even more important.

You need to eat a diet high in healthy proteins and low in carbohydrates or high fats and empty calories in order to maximize your weight loss potential. While over time diet can work, it can be difficult and even demotivating.

Further, many with obesity have underlying emotional or mental health reasons for having become obese, which if not treated will likely impair any diet plan over the long term.

Exercise and Obesity

While better cardiovascular function and stronger muscles are vital for health in people of any size, exercise without diet change is not going to be a highly effective treatment for obesity.

Weight Loss Medication

Intended to be used with diet and exercise, diet medications are a weight loss aid. There are different types; only take weight loss medication if you have consulted with your doctor because weight loss medications do have side effects.

Therapy and Obesity

Therapy can be very helpful in obesity treatment; though, therapy alone typically does not eliminate obesity. Rather, therapy can help with mental health issues caused by or exacerbated by obesity. It can also help individuals treat underlying causes of obesity and better control compulsions surrounding food common to those struggling with obesity.

Endoscopic Procedures and Obesity

Endoscopic procedures are relatively non-invasive. They’re usually done in-office and under sedation for comfort. The mechanism inserted—such as a gastric balloon—is inserted and then filled to make your stomach feel full. You naturally consume less with a gastric balloon or sleeve gastroplasty and naturally eat less. Gastric balloon has proven to be a very effective weight loss method.

Weight Loss Surgery

Surgeries typically work the same as endoscopic procedures in that they make your stomach feel full; however, they do so by surgically cutting off or surgically removing part of your stomach. These are irreversible interventions and while they do have success after time as do other methods, they are surgeries.

Gastric Aspirate

Gastric aspirate is a tube placed into the stomach. Some of the stomach contents drain out after each meal.

Vagal Nerve Block

Vagal nerve block is a device transplanted under the skin that intermittently sends a shock to the vagal nerve signaling fullness.


Hydrogels are pre-meal prescription capsules that absorb water and enlarge the stomach making you feel full. They are passed naturally.

Most effective weight loss treatment

What is the Most Effective Treatment for Obesity?

The most effective treatment for obesity is one for which you are qualified and is one that ideally fulfills the following criteria:

  • It is not invasive
  • It is not reliant on foreign drugs or chemicals
  • It is not permanent
  • It is sustainable
  • It has proven outcomes.

BMI of 30-40

Of the above listed weight loss methods, while many have proven success, for those with a BMI of 30-40, the gastric balloon in conjunction with diet, exercise, and counseling has proven to be effective in relatively swift weight loss and in keeping the weight off.

BMI of 40+

For those with a BMI of 40 or higher, surgical options are typically going to be merited. Further, if you have certain health complications like a previous history of stomach surgery or other medical issues, you may not qualify for a gastric balloon.

Choosing the Most Effective Treatment of Obesity

Thus, as you can see, different factors contribute to which treatment of obesity will be the most effective for you. The best treatment for obesity is one that considers:

  • Your overall BMI
  • Your overall health and any risk factorsAny dietary restrictions or concerns you have
  • Your lifestyle and mobility


Again, the most effective treatment for obesity is typically a combination of treatments involving conditioning to make your stomach feel fuller so you consume fewer calories, a modified, healthier diet, exercise, and counseling to change your relationship with food to ensure that after the intervention, you keep the weight off. It’s possible to experience a lifestyle free from obesity. Decide what feels right for you and then talk to your doctor to figure out the best way for you to treat obesity.

Obesity is a prevalent health concern, but it’s treatable. The best way to treat obesity involves some kind of gastric intervention. Ideally, non-permanent treatments for obesity like gastric balloons can be used. The Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon is one of the leading obesity treatments because unlike other balloons, it can be dialed up and dialed down and can remain in place for 12 instead of 6 months. Don’t wait to contact Spatz Medical to learn about the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon.

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