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Walking or Running: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

The debate in regard to running vs walking for weight loss has been raging for decades. Some individuals claim that running is the best solution due to the levels of intensity that can be achieved. However, others firmly believe that walking is capable of achieving the same results.

This presents us with a slight conundrum. Which method is the most effective? You might be surprised to learn the answers to this question and the entire topic deserves a close look if we hope to draw a firm conclusion.

Taking Calories Into Account

One important consideration involves a decidedly straightforward variable. This is associated with the calorie burn walking vs running. As the body will utilise calories for energy, it only stands to reason that burning excess calories will lead to weight loss over time. In this case, running seems to trump walking at first glance.

Studies have shown that individuals who walk at a brisk pace can lose approximately 156 calories in 30 minutes. Those who instead choose to jog at a moderate level for the same amount of time can burn up to 356 calories. It therefore appears that in terms of running vs walking for weight loss, marathon enthusiasts are at an advantage.

There are nonetheless a handful of other variables that should be addressed before we attempt to draw an objective conclusion.

Running Vs Walking For Weight Loss

Is Running or Walking Better to Lose Weight?

It is now clear that answering this question will require us to delve a bit deeper; particularly in regard to one’s physical health and ultimate goals. Let us look at both scenarios in more detail.

Walking does certainly open up a host of advantages. Perhaps the most prominent is the simple fact that most individuals can walk for longer periods of time than they are capable of running. If we take into account the figures mentioned in the previous section, it could very well make more sense to walk for 90 minutes as opposed to jogging for 20 minutes only to become fatigued.

However, there are also times when individuals prefer short bouts of intense exercise. This method is often referred to as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The main advantage here is that burning a considerable number of calories can be accomplished within an amenable time frame. Will walking and running help lose weight? The answer is a resounding “yes” (although each approach is slightly different).

Which Technique is the Most Appropriate

It is now clear that both lifestyles can result in weight loss. So, which is the best option? The answer to this question is associated with your goals as well as your physical health. Let us use a fictional example in order to reinforce this point.

We will assume that an individual who is 55 years old wishes to lose ten kilograms. He has spoken to a friend and both decide to exercise three days each week. However, one suffers from issues with his knees and lower back while the other does not experience any type of chronic pain. It is apparent that each will need to adopt an entirely different approach.

Even when employing treadmills and the latest footwear, the fact of the matter is that running can negatively affect the knees, hips and ankles. There are also instances when pre existing medical conditions (such as a heart issue) may preclude running as a viable exercise.

The main takeaway point here is that walking and running are extremely useful habits to adopt. However, it is always prudent to take several factors into account including:

  • Age
  • How much weight you wish to lose
  • Any chronic health issues

Also, be sure to speak with a medical professional or a physical therapist if you have any additional questions.

Calorie Burn Walking Vs Running

Positive Lifestyle Changes: One Step at a Time

It can be argued that walking and running are two of the most natural physical activities that humans perform. This is one of the main reasons why they can help you achieve your desired weight.

This is even more relevant to those who have been fitted with a Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. Not only will this device help to control cravings and reduce one’s caloric intake, but the impacts of physical exercises should be quite profound if approached in the right manner. In terms of running vs walking for weight loss, results could be just around the corner!

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