The Importance of Protein in Your Diet

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Although our bodies require many nutrients to remain healthy, the importance of protein cannot be overlooked. It is therefore a bit ironic that many of us do not receive sufficient amounts of this vital substance on a daily basis. Although you might already be aware of how much sugar, salt and fat you are consuming, what about protein? Let us take a quick look at this miracle nutrient before moving on to discuss the benefits that it can provide.

What is Protein?

What is the function of proteins found in common foods? This substance is sometimes referred to as a “macronutrient” due to the fact that it serves numerous different purposes. Healthy protein is essential to maintain lean muscle mass and help prevent cellular damage (such as the harm that can be caused by free radicals).

So, protein function in the body cannot be overstated. Proteins can be found in numerous types of food including fish, meat, eggs, milk products, and legumes. Let’s discuss why a balanced protein diet is essential.

Balanced protein diet

Balanced Protein Diet

Building Muscles and Repairing Damage

All proteins are comprised of substances known as amino acids. These long chains of chemicals perform various roles. Some of their most critical involve muscular repair (such as will be required after a long workout).

Proteins are also used to protect your body from free radicals; substances that can cause long-term damage to cells. Many individuals who are extremely active or who desire to gain lean muscle mass will therefore adopt a diet that is relatively high in proteins.

Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails​

Did you know that the importance of protein involves much more than your muscles? In fact, it is absolutely essential if you wish to maintain radiant hair, skin and nails. A diet low in proteins may even lead to hair loss over time (1). Nails can become brittle due to the lack of a protein-related substance known as keratin and your skin may dry out, as certain amino acids promote cellular elasticity. So, we can now see that there are many other protein benefits that need to be considered.

Boosting Your Blood

Our blood is red because of cells that become oxygenated when we breathe in air. These cells within our bloodstream are composed primarily of different proteins. So, it only stands to reason that we need to consume plenty of this substance so that vital nutrients can be transported to various parts of the body.

Digestion and Regulation

You may be surprised to learn that up to 50 per cent of the proteins that we ingest are changed into enzymes. These enzymes are then used to break down the foods that we eat into their core nutrients. Diets that do not contain protein are often associated with digestion problems and even issues such as anemia.

Also, the uses of protein translate to the production of certain hormones. This is particularly the case when we approach the age of puberty. Even as adults, consuming the appropriate amounts can help to stave off issues with the pituitary and thyroid glands. Levels of estrogen and insulin are likewise impacted by proteins.

Benefits Of Eating Protein

Is Protein Good for Weight Loss?

Why is protein important for weight loss? There are several reasons why proteins can play a crucial role for weight loss, including:

  • Recovery times are lessened; allowing you to remain more active.
  • Proteins provide a sensation of satiety (fullness) between meals.
  • You will not lose lean mass when on a strict diet.
  • Proteins will help to naturally boost your metabolism.
  • Proteins encourage the production of several hormones related to weight loss (2).


We can now appreciate the importance of protein in a well-balanced diet. When combined with a healthy amount of other nutrients and a regular exercises program, there is no doubt that you will look and feel better. Keep in mind that thanks to the Spatz3 adjustable weight-loss balloon, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods while remaining confident that you are receiving the proper amount of protein.

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