How To Get Support For Your Weight Loss Journey?

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Encountering support for weight loss goals can be challenging to say the least. Not only will it take time to see physical results, but losing weight can often represent a mental battle in terms of breaking habits that might have existed for years. Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can obtain the support that is required to finally reach your target bodyweight.

Importance of your couple, friends and family’s encouragement

Some of the most powerful words of encouragement for someone trying to lose weight will often come from those who share close emotional bonds. What are some resources at your disposal?

Family Encouragement

Family members will appreciate why you are trying to make such a positive change and they may even decide to adopt healthier lifestyles during the process. It is likewise relatively easy to discuss your worries and fears with those who have known you for years and have remained at your side when facing previous challenges.

Friends Encouragement

Using friends for weight loss represents another powerful option to embrace. The chances are high that they will appreciate what you are going through and in the event that a family member is not available, a friend is always close by. Whether in the form of a phone call or a night out on the town, help is just around the corner.

Family encouragement in weight loss

Couple Support

Couple support for weight loss is just as powerful as the approaches mentioned above. Due to the intimate nature of such relationships, it might actually be easier to divulge your fears when compared to speaking with friends or family members.

Coworkers Support

Why not include your coworkers during your weight loss journey? As it can often be tempting to snack on unhealthy foods during the average workday, these individuals will provide extra moral support at the appropriate times.

Professional Support

There may also be instances when it is better to consult with a professional such as a fitness trainer or a dietician. Not only can he or she provide inspirational weight loss encouragement quotes, but they may be able to supply advice that streamlines the entire process.

Tips and words of encouragement for someone trying to lose weight

The most important person to bring onto your team is the person with whom you have your most significant relationship. For many, that will be a spouse or adult partner. For others, a child, sibling or best friend.

Whoever it is, make sure you communicate about the changes you’re making, especially if they share the same kitchen. Let this person know specifically how he or she can help you. To the extent you’re comfortable, discuss why you’re investing in your health with a gastric balloon and how it will affect your eating habits.

Ask your partner to read the patient information on the Spatz Medical website. Assuming your relationship is otherwise strong, the more your significant other knows about your journey, the more support for weight loss you can expect.

Words of encouragement for someone trying to lose weight

Using friends and family for weight loss purposes are both excellent choices. No need to go it alone in your weight loss journey! There are some other worthwhile tips and tricks to incorporate into your mindset. These will undoubtedly help when the “going gets tough”.

Here are some ideas for enlisting help and support from your friends and family members as you begin your journey toward a healthier you.

Walks and new recipes

 Is there someone in your life who would also like to build healthier habits? Even if you’re the only one with a gastric balloon, making healthier food choices and increasing the amount of movement in your life are good habits worth sharing. A spouse or coworker might be interested in cooking new, healthier recipes along with you, becoming your walking buddy and/or being accountable to one another for the behavioral changes you’re both making.

Health food zone

If your family isn’t interested in joining you, at least set up a healthy food zone in the kitchen so you don’t have to constantly bump into the foods that aren’t good for you. If they can be kept out of the kitchen, all the better. That way, your family members can have their snack foods and you won’t have them tempting you by being in full view all the time.

Inspirational food videos

Watch documentaries about the food industry, healthy eating and the relationship between food choices and good health together. This will help strengthen your resolve and also educate your family about why you’re investing in a gastric balloon and in your health. Some good ones to start with are Forks Over Knives, Food, Inc., Super Size Me, Hungry for Change and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Why not also head over to popular video websites such as YouTube and Vimeo? Not only will you come across a plethora of weight loss encouragement quotes, but you can appreciate what others have already gone through. This is an excellent source of inspiration when you feel your willpower waning. Seeing how other people successfully achieve their goal will give you support for weight loss.

Weight loss encouragement quotes

Be Realistic with Your Goals

Although turning to your family or friends for weight loss concerns is always an option, be sure that your goals are realistic. It is also crucial to remember that everyone responds differently to dieting. Some may begin to notice a difference within a short period of time while others might have to wait weeks before any changes are observed. Above all, do not set milestones that are impossible to achieve.

Some of Us Will Falter

Mistakes can and will occur from time to time. This is part of the learning process and it is only human. These should not be viewed as failures, but rather as chances to improve. Those who are too hard on themselves will be more likely to give up when things become difficult. There is nothing wrong with faltering, so make it a point to accept that these things can happen on occasion.

Let your loved ones help you in your treatment with Spatz!

Whether turning to your family for weight loss motivation or speaking with a friend while viewing inspirational videos, there are plenty of options to recognise. Let’s remember that countless individuals are taking the same journey at this very moment. In other words, you are never truly alone.

If you have recently obtained a Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon to embrace a healthier lifestyle, the advice mentioned above is even more important. Not only will this device support weight loss, but it is a physical representation to the level of commitment that you have already attained.

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