Soy: A Good Food for Heart Health

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Researchers have been aware of the health benefits of soy for some time. Not only is this food popular amongst those who have embraced a vegan lifestyle, but consuming soy for heart health is an excellent way to maintain a well-oiled cardiovascular system.

The only issue is that many individuals are unaware of the exact advantages that soy has to offer. The professionals at Spatz3 have therefore decided to highlight some of the reasons why soy should represent a portion of your balanced diet.

Why is Soy Considered to Represent a Superfood?

Soy has often been termed a “superfood” due to the sheer vitamins and minerals that it contains. While we need to point out that superfood is indeed a marketing term, it nonetheless applies to soy in terms of how it can keep the body healthy and functioning at optimal levels. Here are some of the primary characteristics of soy:

  • It is relatively high in fiber.
  • Soy contains ample amounts of protein.
  • Extremely low in saturated fat.
  • Contains omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Soy does not contain any cholesterol.

We can now see why some feel that soy is a superfood. However, it is just as wise to appreciate the big picture before drawing any objective conclusions.

Soy products for weight loss

What are the Pros and Cons of Soy?

Many scientists will stress the cholesterol-free nature of soy. When consumed as a liquid, soy can represent a viable alternative to milk, particularly for those who might not be able to tolerate lactose within their digestive system.

As mentioned in the previous section, soy is also high in protein. An average serving contains 36 grams. Eating plenty of foods with soy products will therefore help to ensure that your muscles receive the amino acids they require on a daily basis.

Due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, soy can also benefit those who may have been diagnosed with high cholesterol or hypertension. Omega-3 complexes contain “good” fats (known as LDL cholesterol). These have been shown to prevent the buildup of plaque within arteries and to lower serum levels of “bad” (HDL) cholesterol.

The experts at Spatz3 nonetheless feel that it is just as practical to mention some possible drawbacks associated with the regular consumption of soy including:

  • Soy protein is relatively difficult to digest when compared to other variants such as whey.
  • Soy may cause bloating in some individuals.
  • Some studies seem to like soy with chronic inflammation.
  • The phytic acids contained within soy may make it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients such as zinc.

It is therefore important to weight the pros and the cons of soy consumption in order to make the correct decision.

What Effects Does Soy Have Upon a Woman's Body?

Another interesting (potential) advantage of soy involves the ways in which it impacts women. Recent studies suggest that premenopausal women can enjoy these possible benefits:

  • Increased menstrual cycle length.
  • Augmented levels of estrogen.
  • Possible cancer-preventative effects.

The above effects are due to high concentrations of substances known as isoflavones that are contained within soy-based products. These are also some of the reasons why females often choose to employ soy milk for weight loss when combined with other lifestyle changes such as increased levels of physical activity and a healthy diet.

Soy as a superfood

The Undeniable Health Benefits of Soy

The good news is that plenty of foods contain soy as a primary ingredient. Some examples include tofu, sprouts, edamame, and fermented products such as tempeh. Of course, most grocery stores carry soy milk as an alternative to animal-based products. We should nonetheless note that some individuals may be allergic to soy. Those who suspect that they suffer from a soy allergy should therefore consult with a physician or nutritionist.

When consumed on a regular basis, soy represents a portion of a balanced diet. Let us also point out that those who wish to increase the beneficial weight loss effects of the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon should be able to experience many of the advantages outlined above. Feel free to take a look online to uncover a host of tasty soy recipes and to further appreciate which foods contain this plant-based substance.

Do not hesitate to bookmark this page so that you can refer back to the undeniable health benefits of soy from time to time.

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