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How can you lead a healthier lifestyle and how can a balloon help you achieve that goal? The balloon is a behavior modification tool that will help you change your eating habits and lose weight. It does this by communicating with you. How? Via signals and symptoms. When do signals appear, what do they mean and how can they help you?  Signals present themselves upon entering phase 2, if you overeat for a number of days. They come in the form of burps, fullness, heaviness, gassiness, minor cramps, and bad breath – or you may feel something different.  Signals are alerts from your stomach that it is filling up with food – not enough to cause nausea, vomiting or pain (symptoms), but full enough to make your stomach react and send you belches/burps/fullness/bloating/bad breath. When you experience these signals, imagine your stomach filling up with food – you may not feel like it is filling up, but it is heading in that direction. This is a very important point – you may not think or feel or believe, that you have food in your stomach, but the stomach is telling you otherwise – there is an accumulation of food. And the Spatz balloon tells you via signals.  This is the moment of opportunity – accept it and act on it. Start reversing the process. Start eating less or changing the content of your diet – ask your dietician for help. This is a trial and error process.  And this process is a behavior modification step in the direction of healthy lifestyle change. Remember- if you ignore the signals and continue the same dietary intake – the signals will progress and lead to symptoms (nausea/vomiting/pain). The signals are a gift – an early warning.

You learn how to listen to your body when receiving signals and make a mind-body connection. That is part of the transformation that you will experience – your stomach sensations register in your brain. So many of us are unaware of our food consumption, which enables us to eat unnecessarily –  and gain weight unknowingly. When we are aware of our food intake and register it in our brain – we make better food choices. We take responsibility for our food intake – and that helps us eat correctly. People living a healthy lifestyle consider their next food ingestion based on their recent food intake over the previous week. They have the mind-body connection. That’s how signals will help you join those healthy lifestylers – signals keep you aware of your previous intake. 

The Spatz Adjustable Balloon program will give you the weight-loss kickstart and behavior modification opportunity that you need to develop tools to continue your weight loss and lead a healthy lifestyle.  

So, make sure to pay attention to your signals and act on them. 

Wishing you the best of luck! 

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