The Undeniable Connection Between Processed Foods and Weight Loss

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Are you aware of the relationship between processed foods and weight loss? Although this question may appear rather straightforward at first glance, there are actually several factors that need to be taken into account. How can processed foods lead to obesity? What effects will these substances have upon the body? Why might it be better to eliminate processed foods entirely? Let’s examine this topic in more detail.

How Does Processed Food Affect Your Health?

One of the main dangers associated with processed foods that affect your health involves the amount of chemicals these substances contain. Examples include preservatives, artificial colors, stabilizers, and artificial sweeteners. In fact, some of these are suspected to possess carcinogenic properties.

Another problem in terms of processed foods and weight loss is how these chemicals impact a portion of the brain known as the appestat. This area is associated with feelings of satiety after having eaten a large meal. Certain chemicals can “trick” this region into believing that we are still hungry; causing us to eat more and leading to weight gain.

The Role of Visceral Fat

Visceral fat is a type of fat found between the abdomen and the organs. This fat is extremely dangerous, as it is difficult to detect and it can lead to serious health issues such as hypertension. Unfortunately, studies have found an inextricable link between processed foods and visceral fat. Those who consume these substances are therefore at a higher risk of developing long-term problems. Let’s also not fail to mention that visceral fat can be quite hard to lose; causing some individuals to abandon their diets due to an apparent lack of progress.

Organic food vs processed food

The Benefits of Organic Food vs Processed Food

There are several reasons why organic foods are much more viable options when compared to their processed counterparts. One of the most relevant involves the simple fact that you will be obtaining more vitamins and minerals. This provides your body with the building blocks required for excellent health.

Furthermore, processed foods often contain artificial colors and flavors. These actually detract from the appeal of many meals that might otherwise be quite tasty in and of themselves. Let us also remember that organic foods tend to be lower in both calories and saturated fat. These are crucial concerns in the event that you are hoping to lose weight.

Which Processed Foods Maintain Their Nutritional Value?

Are there any processed foods that might actually be able to provide you with a significant amount of nutrition? These types of foods tend to be limited to canned and/or frozen fruits and vegetables. Assuming that they were harvested at their peak, many of the associated vitamins and minerals are likely to remain preserved. However, be sure to confirm that no other chemical additives are included within the ingredients list. The same holds true for flash-frozen foods such as meat and fish.

Detoxing from Sugar and Processed Foods

In order to eliminate these substances from your diet, it is first important to highlight a list of processed foods to avoid. Examples include:

  • Microwaveable meals
  • Meats such as bacon, sausages and hot dogs
  • Instant noodles
  • Margarine
  • Snacks such as flavored nuts and potato chips

The next step involves implementing a healthy diet that will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals that it requires. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, remaining hydrated throughout the day, consuming whole grains, and limiting your intake of saturated fat are some common examples to consider.

Detoxing From Sugar and Processed Foods

Note that processed foods can be somewhat addictive in regard to their taste and subsequent feelings of satiety. It might therefore be difficult to embrace major dietary modifications within a short period of time. Remember to remain patient and to seek the advice of a nutrition specialist in order to obtain additional inspiration.

Quitting processed foods is an especially wise choice if you have obtained a Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. Not only will this choice enable you to further reduce your weight, but you can learn to embrace a healthier overall lifestyle.

We can now see that there is a clear link between processed foods and weight loss. The only question remaining involves whether you are willing to take the first step by eliminating them from your diet.

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