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The Best Morning Habits for Weight Loss

While there are many morning habits for weight loss, the simple fact of the matter is that some are much more effective than others. This can become even more confusing when we consider the sheer number of online “gurus” who claim to have discovered the best morning to lose weight.

Let us therefore cut through the “fluff” and highlight some tried-and-tested strategies. You will therefore be able to adopt the right approaches at the most appropriate times.

Why are the Morning Hours Important in Terms of Losing Weight?

The answer to this question involves the natural metabolic “clock” of your body. Inherent levels of specific chemicals such as growth hormone and cortisol tend to be higher in the morning. This will enable you to more efficiently draw upon your fat reserves as a source of energy. This is also the very same reason why a growing number of athletes choose to perform their exercise routines during the early hours of the day.

Morning Habits For Weight Loss

Healthy Morning Habits for Weight Loss: An Overview

Now that we have taken a slightly scientific approach, what are the best morning habits to lose weight? There are actual several strategies which you can employ and many of these will partially revolve around your schedule. Let us look at a handful of time-saving techniques that can still produce impressive results.

What Exactly is the 7-Second Daily Ritual?

This first early morning routine for weight loss is particularly useful for those who happen to be governed by a tight schedule. As the title suggests, it will take no more than a handful of seconds to complete. The 7-second daily ritual involves two main steps:

  • Inhaling for three seconds
  • Exhaling for seven seconds

The theory here is rather simple. All fat cells are comprised of oxygen. Some scientists believe that inhaling larger quantities of oxygen will increase the metabolic rate of these cells; leading to weight loss.

early morning routine for weight loss

A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast truly is one of the most important meals of the day. Consuming calories in the morning will provide our bodies with the energy that it requires to perform numerous activities. However, studies have also shown that an ample breakfast will help to reduce cravings before lunch. In other words, you will be less tempted by unhealthy snacks.

The only issue here involves what foods to choose for your breakfast. One of them most relevant morning tips for weight loss therefore involves avoiding foods high in fat and calories (such as bacon and sugary cereals). Opt for fresh fruits and egg whites, as these are tasty alternative that still provide you with a host of crucial vitamins and minerals.

What About Exercise?

Some individuals choose to exercise at the very beginning of the day. Such morning habits for weight loss actually make a great deal of sense for several reasons. First, exercising naturally raises the metabolic rate of your body. You will therefore burn more calories as opposed to remaining sedentary.

Secondly, this routine helps to “kick start” your mind by releasing powerful hormones such as adrenaline and epinephrine. Many feel that this allows them to remain mentally alert; an ancillary benefit in terms of remaining productive and motivated.

A final advantage of exercising before breakfast involves the simple fact that those who perform this daily ritual are more likely to develop long-term weight loss goals. Similar to participating in a marathon, it is much easier to remain focused if we have our sights firmly set on the horizon.

Starting Off in the Right Direction

While losing weight can be challenging, there are numerous tools within your arsenal. For example, perhaps you are already beginning to reap the benefits associated with the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. In this case, you are already at a distinct advantage. It is still wise to appreciate other options which can lead to impressive results within a relatively short period of time.

Using the early hours of the day to embrace a healthy lifestyle is a perfect example. All of the suggestions mentioned above are therefore quite useful. Feel free to refer back to these morning habits for weight loss if you wish to obtain a bit of much-needed inspiration from time to time; there is no doubt that they will come in extremely handy.

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