The benefits of Joyful Movement Instead of Exercise

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What is joyful movement and why is it good for your health?

Have you heard of a concept known as “joyful movement”? This is a somewhat recent trend and yet, it has already benefited many individuals. If you wish to develop a more healthy lifestyle or should you find it difficult to remain motivated while exercising, the information found below will come in handy.

Increasing the amount of physical activity you engage in can have a positive influence on your health, your mental well-being and your weight. But does physical activity have to mean hitting the gym or the high school track?

No, it does not! Simply moving more as part of your everyday life can bestow multiple health benefits. So begin to think of yourself not as a gym rat, but as someone who simply enjoys moving.

Joyful movement essentially involves changing your mindset so that you look forward to healthy physical activities. In other words, it represents a perspective that views exercise as another portion of your life as opposed to a rigorous task which needs to be completed at any cost. Let us take a closer look at how to adopt this movement instead of exercise approach.

Joyful Movement

How can you introduce more joyful movement into your life?

Perhaps the best way to begin is to appreciate the fact that there are many different forms of exercise. In fact, there are plenty of other ways to become fit other than traditional gym workouts. The main point here is that you should enjoy specific routines so that they become adopted within your everyday lifestyle. This puts the “joy” into specific movements and patterns; allowing you to reach your fitness goals without becoming frustrated or bored.

Simply stated, it is much more gratifying to look at the “bigger picture” as opposed to constantly focusing upon heart rates, the ideal body mass index (BMI) and how many steps we walk each day. If you still find it difficult to remain motivated, it is even possible to join online Joyful Movement classes that can be followed from the comfort of your own living room. Let us now take a look at some examples of joyful exercise.

The first place to focus is in your head. Let go of the idea that 45 minutes of cardio is a goal. Stop stressing about the fact that you’re not in love with the StairMaster. Find ways to move your body in the world that are productive and/or fun.

Any movement, all movement, is going to help you think of yourself as someone who enjoys an active lifestyle. That shift in your brain can be huge, and once you make it, you will find yourself looking for, rather than avoiding, opportunities to move your body.

There’s no need for fancy clothes, equipment or to carve out time in your day to hit the gym. Begin thinking about how you can integrate movement into your day without disrupting your regular schedule. Enjoy movement instead of exercise.

Joyful Exercises

Examples of joyful exercise

The good news is that the exact movements are based around your personal preferences as well as your everyday routine. This is why recommendations will vary between individuals. You will still need to think about which activities can be added to your lifestyle without creating too much hassle; particularly if you are quite a busy person. So, where do you begin?

The first step is to avoid associating exercise solely with pain and discomfort. It should instead be viewed as numerous activities and movements which increase your metabolism and provide you with a much-needed energy boost. Thankfully, certain movements are easy to perform and will still offer profound benefits over time. Here are some joyful exercise ideas to get your creativity flowing:

  • If you take a bus or a train, can you get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way to your destination?
  • If you work in an office building, don’t use the bathroom closest to your office. Instead, walk down the hall, up the stairs or around the corner to another restroom.
  • If you work at a desk, set an alarm every 60 minutes. When it goes off, get out of your chair and stretch and move for a minute. These breaks will also help improve your concentration.
  • Swing your arms around. Imagine that you’re in water. Gently slap your internal organs with each rotation.
  • Turn on some music and dance your way through your favorite song.
  • If you’re only going up one flight or down two, take the stairs instead of the elevator (but only if it’s safe).
  • When you drive to the mall, park at the opposite end of where you want to go and walk though the mall to get to the store you need.
  • Get up to change the channel or adjust the volume on your TV.
  • March in place while you wait for the water to boil or the microwave to finish heating up your lunch.
  • Pace around the room while you’re having a phone conversation.
  • Practice deep breathing as a form of mild meditation in order to massage your organs and to increase circulation.
  • Walk at a slightly faster pace when compared to others on the street.
  • When standing in one position within the workplace, perform a few sets of calf raises each hour.
  • Hold walking meetings with co-workers as opposed to remaining seated in a conference room.
  • Rotate your neck and head when working at a computer in order to avoid cramping.
  • Time yourself when cleaning your residence so that you can enjoy a mild cardiovascular workout.

It can also help to appreciate the perspective of psychologist Kelly McGonigal. The Kelly McGonigal movement theory revolves around the belief that any type of personalised movement can reduce our perceived levels of stress, provide us with a greater degree of self-awareness, help us to connect with the outside world, and even allow us to live longer lives. A book has been written about the Kelly McGonigal movement theory if you wish to learn more.

Kelly McGonigal Movement

Joyful movement with Spatz3 gastric balloon

Now that we have begun to appreciate this unique approach, how can the Joyful movement in conjunction with the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon help you? We are already aware that this balloon offers higher success rates thanks to its user-friendly nature. Are there any specific movements which can be incorporated into your daily routine?

Take some time to think about the opportunities to move around throughout the day. Then, make a list of your options. Even if you are still adapting to the presence of the Spatz3, remember that you can begin at your own pace. Once you become more acclimated to specific movements, others can be added at the appropriate times.

Above all, we should all embrace the notion that physical activity can be fun and exciting as opposed to nothing more than drudgery. Thankfully, the joyful movement system can provide you with a much-needed boost while ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

These techniques can help you integrate more movement into your day without worrying about target heart rates, calories burned or the “no pain no gain” approach to exercise. They can be accomplished without a huge outlay of time or money and they are so easy to integrate that, once begun, you’ll find yourself looking for other ways to joyfully move your body.

Even if you’re still in the earliest stages of your gastric balloon insertion, these and other ways to move your body with joy won’t hurt and will release the feel-good endorphins and decrease your overall health risks.

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