Change your relationship with food: It’s not your enemy!

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Are you one of the many people who has a deeply-held belief that food is your enemy? Do you see dieting and weight loss as a war? Do you believe you must be eternally vigilant to conquer the enemy and win the war? Do you argue that it’s not called the “Battle of the Bulge” for nothing?

What if that approach was completely wrong? After all, if it was the correct approach, wouldn’t you expect to see more success with it? Even if you feel that you haven’t been successful yet, wouldn’t you expect to see some people who have been fighting their bodies and their weight for decades have some measure of success?

Food it's not your enemy: the risks with bad relationship with food

Changing your relationship with food can offer a number of powerful health benefits. Unfortunately, food is frequently viewed as an adversary as opposed to an ally. The main issue here is that potentially serious health problems can result. These may also lead to mental issues such as depression, embarrassment and low levels of self-esteem. If you hope to learn how to lose weight without obsessing over the food itself, it is important to take a look at some professional suggestions.

Most common dietary restrictions

The scientific fact is that fighting against our bodies is a losing proposition. Just as you can only hold your breath for so long before your body will prevail and force you to take in oxygen, regardless of how much willpower you have, you can only fight food and appetite for a finite period of time before your body’s need for nutrition will prevail.

So if you can drop the destructive belief that food is your enemy and move your desire for health and weight loss in a different direction, you’re accomplishing a lot. Think of food, not as the enemy, but as a life-affirming source of energy, nutrition and pleasure.

Most common dietary restrictions

Problems with food may occur for a number of reasons but most often, they result from your caloric intake. Therefore, you may begin to impose certain food restrictions. Here are a handful of common examples:

  • A low-carbohydrate diet.
  • Eating foods extremely low in saturated fats.
  • Protein-rich regimens.
  • Substituting food with meal replacement drinks and/or bars.

The only potential issue here is that these and other approaches to food control may not be providing you with the necessary vitamins and nutrients. This is why changing your relationship with food is actually a much more healthy option. So, where do you begin?

Bad relationship with food

How to stop obsessing over food and weight?

The wellness weight loss relationship does not involve food alone. This is perhaps the most important takeaway point to begin to appreciate. While the number of calories you consume may have an impact upon your weight, other factors will inevitably come into play.

For example, how often do you exercise? How active are you throughout the day? Do you receive an ample amount of sleep? What type of food do you consume? As opposed to obsessing over weight in terms of calories, it is much better to begin analyzing your lifestyle habits as well as the foods that you choose to eat. After all, bad habits are much more serious enemies.

With a Spatz3 gastric balloon in place, you’ll automatically be eating less, so you’ll want to eat higher quality foods. This might mean whole foods that are minimally processed. It might mean organic fruits and vegetables. It might mean turning down foods that don’t please your palate. With less room in your stomach, you’ll want the foods you do eat to both nourish you and to bring you pleasure. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Food is not the enemy. Food is just food. Sure, there are some foods that are more nutritious than other foods. Ultimately, food is just the way you fuel your body, so you can live out your best life. That’s a good reason to end your war with food.

Why is it important to eat a variety of foods?

Many health experts will stress the importance of a variety diet. Why is this such a pertinent topic? One reason involves the types of nutrients that your body requires. For instance, a diet centered solely around high levels of protein may be lacking the saturated fats that your body requires. Extremely low-carb diets are not often able to provide your body with the metabolic energy needed by your small intestine during the digestive process.

In terms of food, variety is indeed the spice of life. This is why well-balanced diets consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fish, and a small amount of saturated fat.

Another point to mention here is that a varied diet will remain interesting. You might otherwise become bored with the food that you are eating. You need to begin looking forward to meals. If you begin cooking healthy and flavourful foods, you will start to view them in a much different light.

Obsessing with overweight

Achieve a healthy relationship with food with the help of spatz

So, we can now see that your so-called “food enemy” is nothing of the sort. It instead involves your personal perspective. Once you begin replacing harmful substances and empty calories with tasty and wholesome foods, a change for the better is inevitable.

The good news is that the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon has already taken much of the guesswork out of the equation. This results from the simple fact that those who have been fitted with one of these devices have begun to realize that a bit of change is in order. If you are able to fully embrace this willpower, nothing is impossible.

Food is necessary to survive. Can a substance that is necessary ever be thought of as a true “enemy”? Of course not. Instead, embrace the notion that your habits will impact your perspectives. In many ways, changing your relationship with food involves changing your relationship with yourself. Although this might not occur overnight, the effort is undoubtedly worth the subsequent reward. Please do not hesitate to refer back to this article for inspiration in the future.

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