What are Hyperpalatable Foods and What is Their Relation to Obesity?

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Have you heard of a term known as “hyperpalatable foods“? If no, you are certainly not alone. This concept is nonetheless important to appreciate in order to understand the impact of these substances upon our daily lives. Le’s begin with a rather broad approach.

Every biological organism requires sustenance in order to survive. Humans are certainly no different from this perspective. However, the purpose of eating has evolved over time so that it now provides us with sensations of satiety that go far beyond fulfilling our caloric requirements alone. Some specific foods have been manipulated to the point where they are nearly impossible to resist and this is actually one of the leading causes of obesity in the USA and beyond.

What Exactly are Hyperpalatable Foods?

Out of all of the foods that cause obesity, this category certainly rises to the top. The term itself is a combination of hyper (signifying “super”, “excessive” or “beyond”) and palatable (appetizing or edible). So, such substances are extremely tempting and are often consumed in excess.

These foods have been purposely engineered in such a manner as to trigger a portion of our brain known as the appetite to continue sending signals that we are hungry when in fact, we have already eaten enough. So, it already becomes clear why the end result can often come in the form of obesity.

Tasty foods which cause obesity

What do These Foods Contain?

Unfortunately, modern society has come to be (at least partially) defined by this type of food. The majority contain a unique combination of:

Let’s also not fail to mention that other ingredients such as artificial flavors, colors and preservatives are likewise often present. This results in foods that lack the vital nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. This is also the reason why such foods are often associated with “empty calories”.

Real-World Examples

The chances are already high that you encounter these types of foods on a regular basis although they are often billed as healthy through the use of terms such as “homemade” and “high-quality”. These are normally nothing more than marketing ploys intended to lure the unaware consumer. Hence, the associated list is quite daunting. Here are a handful of common examples:

  • Potato chips or crisps.
  • Ice cream.
  • Bread and popcorn.
  • Processed meats and microwaveable meals.

These substances are also unique in the fact that they tend to represent convenient alternatives to healthier options such as organic pasta or a bowl of fresh vegetables. Those who lead busy lives are therefore much more likely to become tempted.

The Risk of Gaining Weight

Foods that cause obesity tend to share a handful of inherent traits in common:

  • They are easy to prepare and consume.
  • They are extremely tasty.
  • They create a nutrient deficit that may actually cause us to eat more.

Fat, carbohydrates and empty calories are some of the leading causes of obesity in the USA and many other portions of the western world. The issue here is that it can become extremely difficult to eliminate hyperpalatable foods from our diet due to their tempting nature.

Choose healthy foods

Breaking the Cycle

It is first pivotal to appreciate the dangers associated with these types of foods. This is even more relevant if you already happen to be struggling with your weight. Secondly, examine the nutritional value of your meals. Is your body receiving the fuel that it requires? How do you feel after consuming a large meal?

Many individuals are exposed to less-than-healthy foods on a regular basis and society itself has become laden with these options; often at the sacrifice of our very health. This is why there is no time better than the present to make positive changes. Of course,entirely eliminating these substances can be challenging if such a habit has existed for years. It could therefore be better to enact small changes over time so that your body can adjust.

Many individuals who wish to improve their diets will also utilize the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. As this device can help to limit your caloric intake and to curb cravings, it can represent a powerful facet of an ongoing weight loss strategy. While hyperpalatable foods are all around us, there is no reason to place our health in jeopardy when there are always viable alternatives.


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