How to Stay Away from Unhealthy Snacks at Work

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Making healthy choices in the workplace

Many of you have been there. You get to work with the mindset of eating healthy. You’re motivated and ready to get your work done while steering clear of those fresh doughnuts or hot bagels that just arrived. But how do you resist? They’re calling your name all the way from the kitchen. 

Here is a helpful guide to avoiding unhealthy eating habits at work and even promoting eating the right kind of food/snacks.

1. Bring your healthy snacks to work

Having a healthy snack to snack on while working will alleviate cravings for some unhealthy snacks, for example chocolates or croissants. You will be able to enjoy your snack without feeling guilty.

2. Don’t eat on the go or at your desk

By sitting down and having a proper, nutritious meal, you are more likely to make better decisions regarding the food or snack you decide to eat. This is mostly because when you’re on-the-go or sitting at your desk working, and you grab a snack, you’re less conscious of what you’re eating and will likely eat the wrong kind of food or snack

3. Allow yourself a treat once in a while

By allowing yourself a treat, let’s say that you can alleviate constant cravings once a week by knowing that your weekly treat is on the way. We suggest saving it for the end of the so you have something to look forward to and that you can reward your hard work throughout the week.

examples of unhealthy snacks

4. Keep snacks out of sight and reach

As the saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ If you steer clear of the snack drawer or keep snacks out of your field of vision, you may be more likely to refrain from eating them. 

5. Eat nutritious food that you love

If you enjoy what you’re eating, you are less likely to crave unhealthy snacks, and don’t forget to eat slowly, check-in, and remind yourself how tasty the food is.

This way, you will feel full longer and get all your dietary recommendations while also feeling better about your decisions.

how to stop eating unhealthy snacks

Even if you decide to take on one of these recommendations and replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones, you may see an improvement in your eating habits at work. You may even see an improvement in your work performance as well as overall health and well-being. So, don’t worry if you fall off the bandwagon. Just keep in mind that tomorrow is a new day for healthy eating. And if you have a few “bad days,” you can always pick yourself up again and make healthier choices.

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Wishing you success on your health journey!

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