How To Maintain Fitness And Healthy On Vacation

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If you want to know how to maintain fitness and health on vacation, you’ve come to the right place. I have to tell you that it’s a lot easier than some people think. You just have to keep unhealthy habits out of your routine and you’ll be that much closer to getting there.

Hi, I’m Tali. I work for Spatz and just got back from my honeymoon. Here’s my experience with maintaining a healthy lifestyle during my honeymoon, I hope it helps!

Tali’s experience: Honeymoon diet and exercise

It seems impossible to maintain fitness and healthy on vacation with the many temptations around us, but of course you can.

You can look for a place to workout while on vacation, but it is not essential. Surely if you go on a trip you will be walking for a long time visiting places. This can be enough to burn calories.

The same goes for the vacation diet. You can enjoy all food, you just have to do it in moderation. Avoid fast food and sugary drinks. You have many options at your disposal to eat healthy on vacation. With these vacation diet tips you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without much effort.

My husband and I travelled throughout Italy and France and had a wonderful time. We travelled from northern Italy in Milan and made our way down south until we reached Pompeii. We rounded off the last two weeks of our trip in the south of France – in Nice and Aix en Provence.

I have always been interested in my health. At the start of our journey, I was less preoccupied with eating healthy and more focused on eating whatever I wanted. That quickly caught up with me. I felt lethargic, and my clothes started to fit differently. I needed to make a change. So, I hunkered down and thought about how to implement healthy changes. Just by putting some recommendations into practice, I was able to not gain weight on my honeymoon or think about it all day long. If you want to know them, read on!

Honeymoon and weight gain

Best ways to maintain a healthy weight

Many people worry about vacation weight gain, so they look for tips on how to avoid gaining too many pounds. I recommend that above all you enjoy your vacation without obsessing too much about weight, but here are my tips for how to maintain healthy and fitness on vacation that I promised you:

Try To Take The Stairs When You Can

This may seem silly but adding even a few extra stairs a day will accumulate and make a difference in your overall health. For example, when we were in Rome, we went to the Spanish stairs, and instead of just admiring them and taking a selfie, we decided to climb the stairs and even raced to the top. It is a good option to go up and down stairs to lose weight.

Avoid Taking Taxis And Public Transport

Walking for cardio workout will bring you numerous benefits. Try to go sightseeing in walking shoes and take time to explore your vacation on foot. Instead of taking a taxi to the Trevi Fountain, we decided to walk and burn off some extra calories.

Plan Movement And Fitness Daily

If you plan some form of movement, you’re more likely to follow through with it. I even started to write down my daily ‘movement goals’ for the week in my calendar to solidify my chances of being more active. Move daily for fitness; your health will thank you for it.

Treat Yourself On Occasion

Eating restrictions are usually not good. So if you’re on vacation, Instead of depriving yourself, enjoy some treats here and there. Believe it or not, this will help you stay healthier. On our final week in France, I decided to wait until Friday to have a special cream pastry that I had my eyes on. It was delicious, and I felt good about saving it as a treat. This can be a good example of cheat meal.

Ways to maintain a healthy weight

Eat Consciously

Conscious eating will help you eat what your body needs. Sometimes, we overeat when we really aren’t hungry anymore, and they are usually unhealthy foods. Mindful eating means to be mindful and aware of what you are eating and plan to eat in a day. For example, if you overeat one day, consider the following days. But, if you really get into this habit, you won’t need to compensate for meals.

Don’t Eat On The Go

It is best to sit down and have a proper, nutritious meal then eat while in transit. This helps you enjoy your food and keep your mind focused on how much you consume. Even when we had busy days, I made an effort not to eat while rushing. In addition, eating food too fast makes digestion difficult because food is not chewed properly. Take your time to eat calmly and healthily.

Plan Healthy Eating Spots In Advance

Instead of stumbling upon a burger joint or pizza parlor, plan and seek out healthier, more nutritious options. This is ideally done before you are starving. I’m sure there are good healthy restaurants near you where you can eat an inexpensive but nutritious menu.

Always Carry A Water Bottle With You

Keep in mind the importance of staying hydrated, especially if you are going to be walking for a few hours. Sometimes thirst can be misunderstood for hunger, so make sure to stay hydrated by always having water on hand. Please also avoid drinking sodas. I quickly realised that I was not drinking enough water about halfway through our trip. Once I started to carry a water bottle around with me, it made it much easier to stay hydrated.

Enjoy your vacation while maintaining fitness!

There are several easy ways to maintain a healthy weight on vacation so you don’t have to lament later with phrases like “I gained weight on vacation” or “losing weight after vacation”.
When living our daily lives, it’s easier to maintain healthy habits that include eating, sleeping, exercising and maintaining a healthy state of mind. We can find our equilibrium because we know what to expect for the most part and when to anticipate our weaknesses.

But what happens when you go on vacation? For many, it is hard to maintain usual practices and stay on track health-wise. It’s okay to give yourself some slack and indulge in extra treats, but where do you draw the line? By creating a clear guideline for yourself, you can enjoy your vacation while maintaining health and fitness.

I hope these tips will help you to maintain fitness and healthy on vacation. Enjoy your time, move your body, and eat responsibly!
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