How to know if I have a disorder of the gallblader

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There are numerous diseases of the gallbladder and some are more serious than others. Still, it is important to take a closer look at this subject in order to avoid potentially serious health consequences. We will therefore address several questions throughout this article.

What is the most prevalent issue with the gallbladder? What are the symptoms of gallbladder disease and are there any individuals who are in a particularly high risk category? Whether you are concerned about your health at the moment you are simply curious to learn more, the details outlined below should be quite helpful.

What are the Five F's of Gallbladder Disease?

Clinicians use several methods to conduct a diagnosis of gallbladder disease if an issue is suspected. These are often referred to as the “five F’s” and they are listed immediately below in no specific order:

  • Fair.
  • Female.
  • Fat.
  • Fertile.
  • 40 (forty).

In other words, each of these conditions may signify that an individual is at a greater risk of developing an ailment of the gallbladder.

Diagnosis of gallbladder

What is the Most Common Disease of the Gallbladder?

The most well-known disease of the gallbladder is technically known as cholelithiasis (commonly referred to as gallstones). Gallstones occur when an excessive amount of bile begins to collect within the gallbladder. Bile is primarily cholesterol and over time, it will form into small lumps. If these lumps are allowed to accumulate, they can become extremely painful. This is even more serious in the event that the gallstones impede the flow of bile through ducts found within the gallbladder.

Three Symptoms of Gallbladder Disease

While there are numerous systemic issues which can be attributed to gallbladder disease, many individuals experience one or more of three common symptoms. Let’s briefly examine each in a bit of detail.

Dark Urine

In the event that the gallbladder becomes saturated with excess bile, this can cause the urine to become dark, especially in the morning when individuals are more likely to be slightly dehydrated. Colors may range between bright yellow to dark brown. Either way, this symptom indicates that a professional diagnosis is in order.

A Pain Known as Biliary Colic

Biliary colic is generally defined as a sharp pain that emanates from the upper right abdomen and sits just below the rib cage. There are also times when this pain can begin to radiate to the upper back or to the breastbone, as the associated inflammation can impact nerve pathways.

A Fast Heartbeat Accompanying Low Blood Pressure

A final symptom that is often attributed to gallbladder disease comes in the form of a rapid heartbeat that occurs in conjunction with sudden drops in blood pressure. These tend to be signals that an infection from the organ has spread directly into the bloodstream. This can actually be quite serious if left unchecked and once again, a professional diagnosis will be required.

Gallbladder disease cause anxiety

Is Gallbladder Disease Dangerous?

Any organ that has become damaged or otherwise compromised can result in a potentially serious scenario. This is just as true when referring to issues with the gallbladder. Assuming that treatment is not obtained, there can be times when an inflamed gallbladder may lead to a condition known as acute cholecystitis. The gallbladder itself could even rupture, leading to a life-threatening condition known as sepsis.

Can Gallbladder Disease Cause Anxiety and Depression?

Some evidence suggests that this condition may make it more likely for some individuals to develop emotional issues such as anxiety and depression. It is thought that certain hormonal levels may change as a result of chemical imbalances. However, more research needs to be carried out before drawing any type of sound conclusion.

Small Changes to Make a Big Difference

Gallbladder disease can be quite dangerous if its symptoms are not taken seriously. This is why embracing a healthy diet with the help of the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon is one of the best ways to ensure that such an important organ continues functioning as it should. To learn more about diseases of the gallbladder or if you are experiencing any of the symptoms outlined above, always make it a point to consult with a trained professional.

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