How To Cope With Discomfort Post Spatz3 Up Adjustment

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All gastric balloons lose effect around the 4th month. This phenomenon is referred to as the weight loss plateau. With the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon, patients can receive an up-adjustment procedure, which increases the balloon’s volume to rejuvenate the weight loss effect and extend the weight loss treatment.

Tips for this phase of gastric balloon treatment

You may not be feeling well after your balloon up adjustment. Don’t worry, because this is totally normal. Everyone has a different process of adaptation to the gastric balloon and feels different effects. Here are a few tips to ease the process for you:

Talk To Your Doctor Or Clinic When Needed

Please be in contact with your doctor/clinic whenever you have a question, have any new symptom or are in need of support.

Consult The Dose Of Your PPI Medication

Some patients have a difficult time with acid reflux after the up adjustment. Your doctor may recommend that you increase the dose of your PPI medicine – please ask your doctor. You may also take over-the-counter antacids like Mylanta, Maalox or Gaviscon. Some patients benefit from small amounts of antacids many times a day – but this must be discussed with your doctor.

Take Anti-nausea Medication

Your doctor can give you anti-nausea medication if necessary. This can help you better cope with the discomfort of the post Spatz3 up adjustment stage.

Adjustability of Spatz3 gastric balloon

Wait A Few Days To See If The Symptoms Disappear

These symptoms will usually pass after 3-5 days (for some patients it may take a week). For those that do not improve with medications and time – a down adjustment will help.

Lean On Your Loved Ones

Use the support of your friends and family, especially during the first few day’s post balloon procedure. You may need to arrange help for child-care for 4-5 days, as you will be feeling weak and may have a difficult time handling kids.

Rest At Night

Get a good night’s sleep. It is best to rest up after you have had an up adjustment. Your body will need to adjust to the larger balloon so get some well-deserved rest.

Continue your weight loss with Spatz with success

These are the main tips for coping with discomfort post Spatz3 up adjustment. Remember that it is normal to feel discomfort, especially the first few days after the adjustment. Don’t be discouraged. You’ve already gone a long way toward reaching your weight loss goal. Continue to eat a healthy diet and combine it with exercise.

Be aware of the signs of the Spatz gastric balloon and rest when needed. With these tips on how to cope with discomfort post up adjustment, everything will be much easier. You can do it!

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