How Non-Surgical Weight Loss Can Be the Pathway to a Healthier Life

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Why did my diet fail?

This is a question many of us ask ourselves. “I mean I did everything I was supposed to do and still I haven’t lost a pound! Or if I lost a few, I immediately gain them back after stopping the diet.”

The causes seem to be various:

  1. Most diets are just a short-term plan

They imply starving yourself and immediately after finishing the week or weeks of dieting you just go back to your bad habits. Your body that has been deprived of essential nutrients tries to take all it needs from what you are eating. This way the result is sudden weight gain.

  1. Cheating

Sometimes you don’t even realize when you are cheating. Even if you have just a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine, it’s still cheating.

  1. You’re not eating the right foods

There are several foods that even if are low fat ones they might have a lot of sugar, bad carbohydrates and other things that do not help at all. For example, a fruit yogurt has twice as many calories as a simple one. In addition to that, it has a high percentage of carbohydrates and preservatives.

The gastric balloon – a viable alternative

Intragastric balloons, or gastric balloons for obesity and weight loss, have been used for this purpose since the 1980’s. The stomach balloon fills a portion of the stomach cavity and causes the stomach to empty its contents at a slower rate, resulting in satiety and diminished food intake.

While severe technical failures led to removal of Intragastric balloons from the US market in 1985, the next generation balloons were totally redesigned and have been successfully used in over 100,000 people for the last 20 years outside of the US, with 15 kg (33 lb) mean weight loss reported after six month implantations. Although balloons are not a recognized therapy in the US, in late 2008, Allergan (BIB, Orbera balloon) commenced clinical trials in 26 centers in the US with the goal of bringing balloons back to the US market. This is a reflection of improved safety, successful sales growth outside of the US, and the fact that the current generation of intragastric balloons are the only proven non-surgical therapy for the obese.

The gastric balloon procedure is not intended to be a permanent weight loss aid. Most of the balloons on the market today are limited to placement periods of only six months. However, the medical team at Spatz has introduced a 1-year balloon that gives a patient more time to lose weight and also more time to absorb the behavior modification plan that is emphasized during the course of the year’s treatment. The patient will learn better nutritional skills and develop more sensible eating habits during the time that the intragastric balloon is in place.

Reports of weight loss have varied with the intragastric balloon, generally because some people take dieting advice and some don’t. Studies indicate weight loss of as much as 35% of excess body weight, and in just 6 months time. The Spatz balloon that is an adjustable balloon and is left in place for 1 year can achieve even greater results. The surgical procedure percentages are around 65% loss of excess body weight for gastric bypass surgery and 50% with the lap band, but with much more risk to the patients.

The benefits of weight loss are undeniable

Better Quality of Life
Improved Appetite Control
Gain Confidence
Looking Good
Improved Relations and Employment Opportunities
Better Sexual Function
Easier Mobility And Increased Comfort

There is no doubt that one’s appearance has a profound effect on one’s feeling of self confidence. Losing the weight will make you feel really good about yourself. You will be able do activities with family that you could never do before when your obesity was becoming a form of disability. Your energy levels will increase allowing you to participate in physical activities.

In sum, the gastric balloon can help you deal with your constant feelings of hunger giving you a new focus on getting into shape and leading a healthier life style.

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