How Long Does it Take for an Obese Person to Lose Weight?

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When discussing how long for an obese person to lose weight, we need to take into account a host of different factors. However, it is still possible to draw several conclusions. We nonetheless need to begin by answering a handful of questions from a rather broad perspective. It will then be possible to highlight some of the finer points if you have been looking to trim down or simply to lead a healthier overall lifestyle.

Healthy Weight Loss Goals?

We must first make it a point to stress the differences between healthy and unhealthy weight loss. The ultimate goal of any routine should be to lose fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. This is also the reason why long-term fasting is not recommended. While you will indeed lose a significant amount of weight, you could very well be jeopardizing the health of your muscles and even your bone density as a result.

Therefore, always be sure to develop a weight loss plan that provides you with the ability to obtain critical vitamins and minerals alongside recommended levels of protein. This is the best way to guarantee that you are not placing your long-term health at risk. Let’s now look at what you can expect when beginning any type of new regimen.

Weight loss goals

How Fast is Weight Loss?

Most experts agree that overweight individuals should strive to lose between two and four pounds (between 1.2 and roughly 2.2 kilograms) per week. This will provide tangible results without placing the body under a significant amount of metabolic strain.

Having said this, appreciating how long for an obese person to lose weight will also depend on the individual in question. Those who hold more weight are generally capable of reducing their body mass to a greater degree; particularly in the beginning of a new dietary programme. Let’s look at a fictional example.

Imagine that you currently weight 300 pounds. If you are capable of reducing your caloric intake by 1,000 calories a day, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that you may be able to drop up to ten pounds (4.5 kilograms) in two weeks. Of course, this also assumes that you are physically active and that you are consuming healthy foods as opposed to empty calories.

Fast and Effective Weight Loss Techniques to Embrace at an Early Stage

Might it be possible to decrease weight loss times? Answering this question will depend on additional factors such as your willpower, your goals and your current lifestyle. There are nonetheless several tips and tricks to adopt if you hope to experience positive results.

Count Your Calories

Counting calories is arguably one of the most important facets of any weight loss strategy. Simply stated, you should aim to consume fewer calories than your body requires to function. It will then turn to fat stores as a form of energy, causing you to trim down over time. Be sure to speak with a nutritionist in order to determine the optimum number of calories that should be consumed on a daily basis.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep plays a surprisingly crucial role in losing weight. Your body requires this “downtime” during the overnight hours to repair itself and to replenish specific hormones. Furthermore, a lack of sleep will bring on feelings of lethargy throughout the day, making it much more difficult to remain physically motivated. The average adult will require between seven and eight hours of sleep each night.

Motion and Emotion

As mentioned earlier, exercising represents the final piece of the puzzle. Increasing your basal metabolic rate will cause your body to burn more calories while retaining lean muscle mass. However, this can be difficult for those who are extremely obese. It is therefore wise to begin with a low-impact program before slowly increasing the intensity.

Weight loss techniques

Patience Above All

Losing weight does not occur overnight and it will often require a fair amount of dedication. However, we need to remember that even individuals who are considered to be morbidly obese have made extremely positive changes with time and effort.

Thankfully, devices such as the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon will provide you with a bit of much-needed aid throughout your journey. Appreciating how long for an obese person to lose weight should take the factors above into account and above all, never shy away form your long-term goals!

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