How much time should elapse between dinner and bedtime?

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As you revise your eating habits to help with weight loss, you will want to know how many hours between dinner and bedtime to leave. You will find a lot of information about the right time to have dinner. Some of it is conflicting. So, knowing what works might be a bit difficult. Not many people think a lot about the appropriate dinner time.

When you have had a hard day and only want to eat and rest, you might not care much about the time. However, is eating right before sleeping bad for you? If you are trying to lose weight, you must be careful with your eating habits. You should be aware of how eating late affects your weight loss journey.

Should You Eat Right Before Bed?

Personal trainers, nutritionists, sleep experts and other professionals give different takes on the subject of eating at night before bed. Some advise having a snack right before bedtime to help with falling asleep faster, while others advise against it because it can cause weight gain.

However, a majority say that eating right before going to bed can promote weight loss. The reasoning behind this is that the body needs energy for core functions even while sleeping. A nice meal supplies the nutrients the body requires to recharge and get ready for the day. Therefore, having a healthy snack keeps your body functioning optimally.

Another advantage of snacking before bed is that it helps curb cravings. Eating too early before bedtime can have you waking up hungry in the middle of the night. Timing your main meal a few hours before bed or having a snack after dinner helps with that.

Waking up with a growling stomach makes it easy to eat more than you should in the morning. Also, you may consume a lot of calories during the day, which is not suitable for weight loss. Hence, as you put together your dinner for weight loss plan, know how to time your meals to get the best from them.

Correct time for dinner before sleep

What Time Should You Have Dinner?

The question of how many hours between dinner and bedtime has different answers, depending on how you ask. Most experts recommend two hours. Eating two hours before sleeping gives food enough time to get digested into the small intestines. However, if you have a slow metabolism, then you can make it three hours. One approach is to pay attention to how your body reacts. Some people have trouble sleeping when they eat too close to bedtime. If you are one, then you can adjust dinner time accordingly.

Note that the type of food you eat sometimes matters more than how many hours between dinner and bedtime you set. Spicy and acidic dishes can cause problems like heartburn and, consequently, insomnia, regardless of what time you ate. Laying down a short while after eating some foods could cause acid reflux. If you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease, then your mealtime should be as early as possible. You should also avoid snacks right before bedtime. For these reasons, be cautious with your diet.

Correct Meal Sizes for Dinner

Now you know if you should eat right before bed. How much you eat is just as important, though. When working on shedding off unwanted weight, food portions are as vital as mealtimes. Dinner is one of the easiest times to overeat or cheat on your diet. In the evening, you are tired and hungry. So, you could have a large meal without noticing. Before you even know it, it becomes a habit.

Having big portions when eating at night before bed could mean consuming higher calories than planned. Therefore, train yourself to eat appropriate amounts. Additionally, learn how to stop when comfortably full. In instances where you get hungry before going to bed, take a healthy snack, as earlier mentioned. It could take a while to get your dinner for weight loss regimen right, but don’t give up on adopting healthy eating habits.

Schedule for taking dinner

Which is the best schedule?

2-3 hours before sleeping is the best time to have dinner. Eating too early might cause hunger pangs in the middle of the night while eating immediately before bed can interrupt your sleep. Waiting a certain amount of time after a meal prevents problems like an upset stomach, heartburn and indigestion. This article doesn’t constitute medical advice. It’s a simple guide on how many hours between dinner and bedtime to schedule, particularly if you are trying to lose weight with your Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon.

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