Spatz Gastric Balloon Implantation and Post Implantation Tips

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In order for you to face the moments before and after the Spatz gastric balloon implantation with as much peace of mind as possible, this article offers you some recommendations that can help you. Remember that the Spatz3 balloon does not require surgery, but is placed with an endoscope and then inflated in the stomach with a saline solution.

Pre-implantation recommendations

Although it is a simple procedure, and you will be discharged an hour later, many people face the situation with nerves. This is perfectly normal, but to help you feel as calm as possible, here are a few tips:

Enter The Treatment With the Correct Attitude

Remember that this is a proven program whose success depends on the balloon, dietician follow-up, clinic support and your cooperation. It is a partnership; when all do their part, the chance of success increases dramatically.

The Spatz balloon has the highest success rates of all intragastric balloons (84%, compared with 25%-46% with other balloons), and you can be successful. Success is not just weight loss, but a change in eating habits, lifestyle and attitude towards food. You can achieve this when we all work together.

Fast From Midnight Before the Procedure

For those having their implantation procedures in the afternoon, it may be difficult to fast from midnight the night before until the afternoon – so they can have clear liquids in the morning and fast for 6 hours before the procedure.

Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is always beneficial, so get some good shuteye the night before the implantation.

Prepare for Spatz balloon implantation

Post-implantation recommendations

The days following the Spatz gastric balloon implantation are even more important than before. You will already have the balloon in your stomach, so you will have to be careful not to exert yourself too much until you are used to it. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, bear in mind the following guidelines:

Arrange for Someone to Escort You Home

The procedure itself takes 15 minutes and you should be on your way home with the help of an escort within an hour after the procedure. Your escort will drive -you may not drive.

Lean on Family and Friends for Support

Use the support of your friends and family, especially during the first few day’s post balloon procedure. You may need to arrange help for child-care for 4-5 days, as you will feel weak and may have difficulty handling kids.

Take Off 4-5 Days of Work

Give yourself time to rest post-procedure. On average, 4-5 days is the amount of time to take off- some people may need 6-7 days and others may need only 1-2 days.

You are now ready for your life with the Spatz3

We hope that you have found the recommendations for preparing for the Spatz gastric balloon implantation and the days that follow helpful. That’s it, you’re ready for your Spatz journey! Combine it with a nutritious diet and some exercise to achieve your weight loss goals.

We want you to achieve healthy lifestyle habits and we’ll help you do just that. Remember that your doctor will always be available to answer any questions and support you during the process. Good luck on your Spatz adjustable balloon journey!

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