Who is Not a Candidate for Gastric Balloon?

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Some people are not a candidate for a gastric balloon. While gastric balloons are incredibly beneficial and are accessible for many, not everyone qualifies for a gastric balloon. The question of “can I get a gastric balloon” is answered largely through your current weight, your weight loss goals, and your dedication to your weight loss journey.

What Is Spatz3 Gastric Balloon?

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Who is an Ideal Gastric Balloon Candidate?

If you’re committed to weight loss, a gastric balloon can be a great way to support you in your ambitions. Gastric balloon is an accessible option with minimal health risks and reliable outcomes for those who use it to support their weight loss journey.

What are the Physical Qualifications for a Gastric Balloon?

Those who qualify for a gastric balloon fulfill a certain set of physical, mental, and emotional criteria. The physical qualifications for an ideal gastric balloon candidate are:

  • Body mass index or BMI of 27-30 (it depends on where you live—some areas require the minimum BMI to be 30) to 40
  • No prior history of weight loss or esophageal surgeries
  • Good overall physical health

What are the Other Qualifications for a Gastric Balloon?

Mentally, one who qualifies for gastric balloon will also have tried and failed at other weight loss methods for various reasons and is—most importantly—committed to losing weight.

People who qualify for a gastric balloon have to be ready to eat a healthy diet and adhere to a fitness regimen. This will enable you to see maximum results from your efforts.

Who Is Not A Candidate Gastric Balloon

Who is Not a Candidate for a Gastric Balloon?

What is the Right BMI to Qualify for a Gastric Balloon?

If you don’t fulfill the above criteria, then it’s possible that you are not a candidate for a gastric balloon, but it is worth contacting someone to find out. Typically, you are not a candidate for a gastric balloon if your BMI is too low or 40-plus. Too low of a BMI qualifies you for other health interventions, but a gastric balloon is not ideal for you. Too high of a BMI qualifies you for other health interventions such as surgeries; however, it’s been shown that a gastric balloon would not yield the results you need in the right time frame.

Why Does a High BMI Mean You are Not a Candidate for Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloons typically stay inserted for six to twelve months with twelve months being the maximum. This is a timeframe that works for the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon. Most balloons begin deflating at around the four-month period. The Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon can be dialed up or dialed down while it is inserted to maximize results and to increase the longevity of the balloon’s insertion. Despite this, those with BMIs over 40 are still not a candidate for gastric balloon.

Who Qualifies for a Gastric Balloon?

Why Does My Commitment Affect My Qualification for a Gastric Balloon?

To conclude, one of the main qualifiers for a gastric balloon in addition to the above criteria is your ability to participate in the program for its duration.

A gastric balloon is a commitment, so one who qualifies for a gastric balloon is able to commit to six to twelve months of balloon insertion. This includes committing to exercise, diet, and even behavioral therapy to transform your approach to daily life.

After your gastric balloon is removed, you will have ideally lost at least 10% of your starting body weight. Your balloon is considered successful if the weight stays off—this is where the aspect of commitment and lifestyle change really come into play.

You qualify for a gastric balloon when you meet the physical criteria and when you’re ready to commit to positively changing your life.

What Can I Do If I Am Not a Candidate for a Gastric Balloon Right Now?

Those who are not candidates for gastric balloons are those with surgical histories, weight barriers, health barriers, or commitment and readiness concerns. If you aren’t there yet in terms of your emotional or mental readiness, that’s okay. It still helps to contact someone and learn where to start even if you’re currently not a candidate for a gastric balloon. There is a big chance that with time and commitment, you will soon qualify for a life-changing gastric balloon.

Gastric balloons are shown to significantly increase the success of weight loss efforts. Even if you think you’re not a candidate for a gastric balloon, contact us at Spatz Medical for a consultation. If there’s a chance you might one day qualify for a gastric balloon, we can advise you on how to get there.

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