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If you’re looking for a non-surgical weight loss solution, then you may be wondering about the gastric balloon or the gastric balloon pill. Both the gastric balloon and the weight loss balloon pill are available for those who are overweight and obese, but there are some key differences especially in the amount of time the balloon stomach pill lasts and in the overall effectiveness of the gastric balloon versus the balloon pill.

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How Much Weight Do You Lose with the Balloon Pill?

Weight loss with the gastric balloon pill versus the gastric balloon is a huge priority for anyone who is overweight or obese and looking for a solution. With both a gastric or stomach balloon pill and a traditional esophageal gastric balloon, the weight loss actually depends on you.

Both gastric balloons and gastric balloon pills do the same thing, which is that they non-surgically insert a balloon into your stomach that is expanded to reduce your appetite. Both pills and gastric balloons have been shown to result in anywhere from 10-30% of body weight loss depending on various circumstances including your own devotion to diet and exercise.

How Long Does the Balloon Pill Last?

Because longevity is a major factor in the amount of weight you’ll lose and in your ability to keep it off, its important to know how long the balloon stomach pill lasts.

The pill balloon for weight loss lasts 16 weeks, which is roughly 4 months if it’s received and tolerated well. At the 16-week point, the balloon pill will deflate and ideally pass naturally through your digestive system. If the pill does not do this, it may need to be removed via surgical or other means. Your doctor will consult with you throughout this process.

Meanwhile, other forms of gastric balloons that are inserted during a short, outpatient esophageal procedure last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Some of the most innovative approaches to gastric balloons, like the Spatz3, the world’s first adjustable gastric balloon, can remain inserted for up to 12 months, maximizing your weight loss and your ability to adjust to the essential lifestyle and diet changes that will impact your lasting outcomes.

Having lasting outcomes is important given that both a gastric pill for weight loss and a gastric balloon are not inexpensive interventions.

Gastric Balloon Pill

How Much Does the Balloon Pill Cost?

Cost is another important factor in deciding if the gastric balloon or gastric balloon pill is best for you. The gastric balloon pill is roughly half the cost of the traditional gastric balloon; however, when considering that the gastric balloon pill lasts only a third of the time a traditional gastric balloon lasts and that the amount of time the balloon remains in place strongly impacts the efficiency of the intervention, cost is not as big of a factor as it may appear at the onset.

Does the Gastric Balloon Pill Work?

Finally, the last question you should ask is whether or not the gastric balloon pill works. Regardless of all other variables, effectiveness is key. You play a major role in the effectiveness of whatever you do whether it’s a gastric balloon procedure or a gastric balloon pill because only with dietary change and exercise will you maximize your results and experience life-long transformation.

Gastric pill for weight loss reviews from reveal that the gastric balloon pill has a 58% positive response rate. Reasons for these reviews vary; however, given that the balloon pill is only implanted for 16 weeks and that it can take months for weight loss impacts to truly take effect, it’s possible that lack of results are a key reason for the gastric pill for weight loss reviews being less than stellar.

Again, the key factors in the overall success of gastric balloon interventions including gastric balloon pill comes down to your participation in and commitment to your health and to the length of time that your gastric balloon remains inserted.

If you’re looking for a weight loss solution that has proven results, then the Spatz3 gastric balloon may be for you. This revolutionary gastric balloon is the world’s first adjustable balloon. You can turn up or turn down the size of the balloon according to your unique needs. The measurable results have revealed better weight loss and longer implantation periods than other forms of balloons. Contact Spatz Medical to determine your eligibility for the Spatz3 gastric balloon.

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