Gastric Balloon Vs. LAP Band

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As you explore options for losing weight, you may be exploring LAP-Band vs gastric balloon and wondering what are the major differences and which option is best for you. Both the gastric balloon and the LAP-Band are effective in their final goal; however, as you examine LAP-Band vs. balloon, you’ll learn that they have different long-term success rates, side effects, and outcomes for patients.

Gastric Balloon Vs LAP Band

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What is LAP-Band Surgery?

One of the biggest differences between LAP-Bands and gastric balloons is their insertion method. While gastric balloon insertion is a non-surgical, brief endoscopic process, a stomach band is inserted surgically. Stomach band surgery is performed via a laparoscopic procedure that’s considered to be minimally invasive and involves a band being put around a portion of the stomach to reduce its capacity. Patients who undergo this lose weight because they have a reduced appetite and eat less following the intervention. The method of weight loss is the same with the gastric balloon.

With a gastric balloon, once the balloon is inserted, it’s inflated creating a sense of fullness. You naturally feel inclined to eat less.

Gastric Balloon And LAP Band

LAP-Band vs Gastric Balloon: Similarities and Differences

While the overall approach to how weight is lost with a LAP-Band for weight loss and a gastric balloon are similar, there are still many differences. First, these are the similarities to know when comparing LAP-Band vs gastric balloon:

  • Both the adjustable LAP-Band and the gastric balloon are reversable. Even though you have to have LAP-Band surgery to place the LAP-Band, unlike other bariatric surgeries where portions of the stomach are removed, with an adjustable gastric band, you can get it removed.
  • Both can be adjustable. While not all gastric balloons can be adjusted, the Spatz3 gastric balloon can have its volume increased or decreased to fit your specific weight loss journey needs. Likewise, LAP-Bands can be inflated or deflated to constrict your stomach.
  • Weight loss with both interventions largely depends on your dedication to diet and exercise.

Now, let’s consider some differences you should know when looking at LAP-Band vs gastric balloon.

  • After the insertion of a gastric balloon, you need to adhere to a liquid diet for three days. After the insertion of a stomach band, you need to adhere to a liquid diet for four to six weeks.
  • Gastric balloons are removed after six to 12 months. Stomach bands can remain in place for 10 years, but it’s not recommended to keep them beyond that duration; however, many people experience slippage or other complications that require them to have their adjustable gastric band removed sooner.
  • There are relatively few complications associated with gastric balloons. Most people tolerate them and achieve solid results losing up to 30% of their body weight. The only notable side effects include some nausea, cramping, and vomiting in the week after insertion.
  • The LAP-Band has many potential health hazards and side effects. Among the LAP-Band disadvantages are adverse reactions including heart attack or stroke during or after surgery, band slippage or erosion, port shifting, gastritis, heart burn, ulcers, etc. Additional surgeries may also be needed; 15-60% of LAP-Band patients needed follow-up surgery.

As you analyze LAP-Band vs gastric balloon, the final consideration is, as noted above, that your role in the amount of weight you lose and the permanence of your weight loss and overall health are up to you. The gastric sleeve for weight loss can take a long time to be effective; in fact, many are disheartened and frustrated that weight loss isn’t instant. This is something your healthcare provider will go over with you. The reality is, though, that you also have to make meaningful changes to what you eat, how you eat, and to your physical fitness.
The good news is that it’s doable. Thus, when comparing and contrasting the LAP-Band vs gastric balloon, consider success, safety, recovery, and your role before making a decision.

Gastric balloons are an effective way to lose weight and to take control of your life. With the revolutionary Spatz3, the world’s first adjustable gastric balloon, you can take even more control over your weight loss. Proven to be more effective than other gastric balloons, this non-surgical gastric intervention is safe and effective.

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