Gastric Balloon Removal Cost

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Cost is always a factor in getting a gastric balloon. Gastric balloon removal costs are usually not covered by insurance and while there are plans for financing, many look for creative means to pay for their gastric balloon insertion and removal.

Gastric Balloon Removal Cost Overview

Gastric balloon is a type of weight loss procedure that operates in a form similar to gastric bypass or gastric band in the sense that your stomach is made to feel fuller so that you eat less. Restricted calorie consumption over a period of time is what causes weight loss with all of these approaches; though, some are more costly, and some are more invasive than others.

Gastric balloon is the least invasive procedure in that it’s not permanent nor is it surgical. Gastric balloon is also the most affordable of all of the gastric interventions.

Typically, gastric balloon costs are all part of the same package. In other words, if you start working with a specific clinic to have your gastric balloon inserted, then they will be the clinic to follow-up with you throughout your treatment and to facilitate the gastric balloon removal. In those circumstances, gastric balloon removal does not cost extra.

What Is Spatz3 Gastric Balloon?

However, many who get gastric balloons go overseas in order to pay less for their gastric balloon. While this is fine, it also means that there will be an extra gastric balloon removal cost. This is because your gastric balloon is not inserted at the same clinic. This also means that you may end up spending a lot more than you originally intended.

Ideally, you will have your gastric balloon installed at the same place that you have it removed. This allows you to have a clear idea of the overall costs from start to finish and to have a consistent continuum of care, which is also important for monitoring your success and providing counseling.

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How Does Gastric Balloon Removal Work?

Intragastric balloon removal is a process that should occur in a clinical setting. The balloon will be removed endoscopically, the same way that it is installed. You will be mildly sedated and while you are under sedation, your gastric balloon will be deflated and then removed.

What Happens if I Don’t Remove the Gastric Balloon?

Failure to have the gastric balloon removed can lead to serious health complications such as gastrointestinal blockage. Emergency surgery is often required at this stage. This is a rare complication; however, if you choose to not remove the gastric balloon at the appropriate time for whatever reason, this is a serious and real consequence of neglecting the removal at the appropriate time.
This is also why gastric balloon removal should be factored into your decision to get a gastric balloon.

Gastric Balloon Removal Costs

Preparing for Gastric Balloon Removal?

When it is time for the gastric balloon removal, in consultation with your doctor, you will schedule an appointment. You will reduce your diet in the days prior to the removal to a liquid diet. This will minimize discomfort and side effects.

As noted earlier, your doctor will give you a mild sedative and will remove the balloon via the esophagus.

It’s important to consider the full scope of the gastric balloon process when deciding who will insert and who will remove your gastric balloon. Again, to avoid additional gastric balloon removal costs, it’s worthwhile to find a practitioner who you will work with for the duration of the procedure as having the balloon installed at one clinic and removed at another can cost you infinitely more. While you may be inclined to try to save money by having your gastric balloon inserted overseas, remember that the removal may end up costing you. Avoid any unexpected additional gastric balloon removal costs by staying with the same practice for the duration of your gastric balloon treatment.

Gastric balloons are incredibly beneficial given their comparatively low costs and proven effectiveness. Learn more about the gastric balloon as well as clinics near you that perform procedures by contacting us at Spatz Medical. Get information about our revolutionary Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon, which stays inserted for a full year and can be adjusted to increase the amount of weight that you lose.

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