Gastric Balloon Pros And Cons

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There are many gastric balloon pros and cons you should be aware of before committing to getting a gastric balloon. Thankfully, there are few major risks of gastric balloons and even fewer dangers of gastric balloons; however, there are a few gastric balloon cons to be aware of. Learn what the gastric balloon pros and cons are and what gastric balloon side effects are before deciding if a gastric balloon is what you need to lose weight.

Gastric Balloon Pros And Cons

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How Does a Gastric Balloon Work?

Before delving into gastric balloon pros and cons, it helps to understand how gastric balloons work. Gastric balloons are a silicon balloon that’s inserted into your stomach endoscopically. The procedure takes less than half an hour and is outpatient. You go in, get the balloon, and leave. During the procedure, the balloon is inflated to fill your stomach. You will feel fuller and eat less and will lose weight as a result.

Gastric Balloon Pros

Some of the advantages to gastric balloon procedure include:

  • Non-invasive insertion (Surgeries or anesthesia are required for other interventions like the LAP-Band or gastric sleeve.)
  • Non-permanent intervention (The gastric sleeve is a bariatric surgery that removes part of the stomach.)
  • Measurable weight loss results
  • Removable at any point
  • The most affordable of all of the gastric intervention methods

Gastric Balloon Cons

There are some gastric balloon cons to be aware of such as:

  • The gastric balloon is the least impacting of weight loss interventions. In other words, while you can expect to lose anywhere from 10% to 30% of your starting weight, different individuals have different results, and this is less than you may lose with major surgery or the gastric band.
  • Once the gastric balloon is removed, you may regain weight if you do not adhere to a diet and exercise plan.
  • Nausea and cramping are common after the gastric balloon is inserted; it may take a week for you to adjust to the gastric balloon.
  • You may have heartburn or acid reflux with the gastric balloon and need to take medication for it.
  • One of 10 people do not tolerate the gastric balloon.

Now that you have a sense of some of the gastric balloon pros and cons, you can better decide if the gastric balloon is good for you.

dangers of gastric balloon

Is the Gastric Balloon a Good Idea?

After considering the pros and cons, you may still be wondering, “Is the gastric balloon good for me?” As noted, there are few major risks of gastric balloons and no real long-term risks, which is a huge positive. Further, there are no long-term gastric balloon side effects.

Thus, gastric balloons are a fantastic option for individuals with a BMI of 27 or higher who seriously want to lose weight. If you are committed to adopting a healthy, new diet and a tenable exercise regimen, then a gastric balloon is a natural and comparably non-invasive way to jump-start your weight loss journey. The weight you lose with your gastric balloon can be motivating to continue after the balloon is removed.

Yes, as with all things, there are gastric balloon pros and cons, but the risks and side effects that are associated with gastric balloons are temporary and minimal. Most people have positive experiences with gastric balloons especially if they adopt lifestyle changes. By being aware of the gastric balloon pros and cons as well as how best to maximize the effect of your gastric balloon, you can determine if the gastric balloon is right for you.

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