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If you’ve read about gastric balloons, then you’ve no doubt read about the gastric balloon and liquid diet protocols. While part of the gastric balloon diet that you’ll need to follow is liquid at varying points, it’s not all liquid. In fact, your gastric balloon liquid diet plan is only briefly liquid. The diet for gastric balloon is mostly based on healthy eating habits. Learn when you need to follow a liquid diet plan for a gastric balloon and for other bariatric procedures.

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What Does It Involve the Liquid Diet Plan?

Before diving in, it’s worth discussing what’s involved in a gastric balloon liquid diet (or any liquid diet). Typically, unless you’re advised otherwise, liquid diet means:

  • Water
  • Black coffee or black tea (no cream, no sugar)
  • Clear broth
  • Vegetable juice (no pulp)

Some liquid diet plans permit things like squash puree (no extra sugar). Your health care team will advise specifically as to what your liquid diet plan should entail.

Diet Before You Get the Balloon

So, the next question is when will you need to follow a liquid diet? While you’ll have been planning your diet and exercise strategy prior to getting your gastric balloon inserted, you’ll be able to stick to a normal diet until the evening before your balloon insertion.

Prior to the gastric balloon insertion, you’ll typically stop eating at least six hours before the procedure. You’ll want to not consume any liquids at least four hours before the procedure.

The gastric balloon diet plan is far more tolerable than the liquid diet before gastric bypass, which requires you to adhere to a liquid diet for 7-14 days before your surgery.

Liquid Diet Right After the Gastric Balloon Insertion

Right after your gastric balloon insertion, you will need to follow a diet for gastric balloon. The gastric balloon diet plan for the first few days is liquid. This is typically while you adjust. The first few days are also when you’ll experience most of the very limited side effects of the gastric balloon, which may include:

  • Cramping.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Heartburn.


You’ll have medications help with side effects. Meanwhile, you’ll start on a liquid diet for the first three days. Again, you’ll need to consult with your specialist, but liquids you may be able to have include:

  • Soups (clear).
  • Bouillon or consommé.
  • Teas.
  • Coffee and tea (no sugar).
  • Sugar-free jelly.
  • Protein water.
  • Skim or semi-skim milk.
  • Protein shakes.
  • SlimFast or similar meal replacement shakes.
  • Low-fat or plain yogurt drinks.


Then, you’ll progress to a semi-solid / soft foods diet as you acclimate to the balloon. Within one to two weeks, you’ll be on a regular diet.

Contrarily, the liquid diet after gastric sleeve and the liquid diet after bariatric surgery lasts anywhere from 2 to 14 days. Pain, discomfort, swelling, and other complications are more typical after these surgeries, so while two weeks of a liquid diet plan may sound extensive, you’ll likely tolerate it just fine.

However, as noted, when it comes to liquid diet plans and gastric intervention, the gastric balloon diet is far less restrictive and for far less long.

Soda vs Water

Liquid Diet Plan Before the Balloon Removal

The only other time you’ll need to follow any kind of gastric balloon liquid diet is when it’s time to remove the balloon. At the time of removal, you’ll need to follow a three-day long clear liquid diet plan similar to the one you followed prior to insertion.

Post Removal Diet

After the gastric balloon removal, you may need to stick to a modified diet for a few days or weeks. Your healthcare provider can give you details on what you should do to adjust to life post-gastric balloon most fluidly.

While liquid diets are a part of prepping for and adjusting to gastric intervention, the gastric balloon and liquid diet that you must follow are not only the shortest but also the least difficult to adjust to.

Gastric balloons are highly effective methods of weight loss for those who have tried other methods and who are ready to commit to lifestyle and dietary changes. Gastric balloons are non-surgical and temporary. The Spatz3 gastric balloon is the world’s only adjustable gastric balloon. It can remain inserted for up to 12 months. Contact Spatz Medical to learn more about the Spatz3 gastric balloon and how to get one.

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