How Much Do You Have to Weigh to Get a Gastric Balloon?

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Those wanting to get help losing weight may be surprised to know that there is a certain amount that you have to weigh to get a gastric balloon. Gastric balloon is a relatively non-invasive, non-surgical outpatient esophageal intervention where a silicone balloon is inserted into your stomach and then inflated to create a feeling of fullness. As a result of the balloon, you eat less and lose weight. Though it’s not a complicated procedure, there are gastric balloon BMI requirements. This means that you don’t necessarily have to have a minimum weight for a gastric balloon; rather, you have to be at a certain BMI.

What are Gastric Balloon BMI Requirements?

Wait—what do you mean it’s based on BMI and not weight? This is a question that comes up often. Many people want to understand why the gastric balloon isn’t based on a desired weight loss plan. After all, the majority of people who qualify for gastric balloon are over the minimum BMI, and they want to lose more than the expected 10-15% of body weight.

Thus, while it doesn’t matter what you weigh to get a gastric balloon, it does matter if your BMI is 30-40. Outside of the USA, the minimum BMI for a gastric balloon is 27.

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Why is There a Minimum Weight for a Gastric Balloon?

The minimum weight, as noted, is actually BMI, so it changes based on the individual. The reason is because BMI below 27—sometimes 30— are considered safer weights.

What’s more, because of the weight loss expectation, losing the amount of weight one may be able to lose with a gastric balloon could put the patient at a risk.

Further, at a BMI of 27 or lower, it’s entirely possible to lose weight with diet and exercise, which though may take more time without the intervention of a gastric balloon, will cost less money. While you may want a gastric balloon for weight loss and wonder why your weight isn’t what you need to weigh to get a gastric balloon, consider that you’re still in a range deemed healthy by governing bodies.

Seeing What You Weight to Get a Gastric Balloon: How to Check Your BMI

BMI is a calculation of body fat based on height and weight. The easiest way to perform the calculation is with a BMI calculator. This version provided by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute is very reliable and can help you determine if you weigh enough to get a gastric balloon.

If you do qualify in that you have a BMI of 30-40 (40 is the maximum BMI for a gastric balloon) and you do not have a prior history of stomach surgeries or other health complications (being pregnant or nursing with a gastric balloon is discouraged), then you should contact your provider of choice and talk to them about this safe, useful, and effective weight loss tool.

Weigh to get a gastric balloon

Should I Gain Weight to Qualify for a Gastric Balloon

Note that if you do not qualify but are just below the threshold at say 26 or just above at 41, you should not try to gain weight to qualify for a gastric balloon (if your weight is 26 or lower). If your BMI is 41, you should contact your doctor. Possibly, natural weight loss could qualify you. In some cases, you may still be eligible, but no decision or weight loss strategy should be undertaken without consulting your doctor. Losing weight is always possible. Even if you don’t weigh what you need to weigh to get a gastric balloon, there’s always a method to lose weight, and who knows…after consulting with your doctor, it could include the aid of a gastric balloon.

Gastric balloon is a valuable weight loss intervention for those who medically qualify as obese. This most often relates to those with a BMI of 30-40 but can include individuals with a BMI as low as 27. The Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon has had proven success with many patients. If you qualify, contact us at Spatz Medical to learn more about and to discuss your weight loss journey goals.

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