Gastric Balloon and Hair Loss

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Is there a potential relationship between gastric balloons and hair loss? To answer this question, we need to quickly examine what bariatric procedure entails as well as why it is frequently employed. Whether you are considering such a procedure or your hair has begun to thin after a recent gastric bypass, the details outlined within the remainder of this article should prove to be quite informative.

What Does Bariatric non-Surgery Procedure Involve?

Any type of gastric procedure is essentially intended to be used as a means to lessen your caloric intake. This is generally accomplished by shrinking the physical size of your stomach. Here are three typical strategies:

  • Removing a portion of the stomach.
  • Changing the location where the stomach connects to the small intestine.
  • Using modern appliances such as gastric bands and balloons.
What Is Spatz3 Gastric Balloon?

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For instance, the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon has become a popular procedure due to its relatively non-invasive nature, its longevity and due to the fact that its size can be regulated in accordance with the needs of the patient.

Bariatric procedure can be carried out as a laparotomy or instead accomplished laparoscopically. The latter is a much simpler procedure, as only small incisions are required. Most patients will be required to remain overnight at a hospital before being discharged. If medical instructions are followed, any complications are rare and the individual should completely heal within four to six weeks.

Why Might Some Experience Hair Loss After Gastric Balloon Procedure?

Now that we have taken a look at the relatively common nature of bariatric procedure, you might be wondering why some individuals may experience hair loss. There are a number of variables that can contribute to such a scenario. However, we should note that hair loss after gastric procedures is almost always temporary and that this condition will generally resolve itself.

Known as “telogen effluvium” within the medical community, temporary hair loss following gastric procedure can result from a handful of possible factors:

  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Changes in nutrient intake (including the possibility of malabsorption as the body heals).
  • An immune response to the procedure itself.

We should also point out that restrictive appliances such as gastric balloons and bands are less likely to cause hair loss when compared to more invasive procedures. Furthermore, research seems to indicate post-operative hair loss is caused by iron and zinc deficiencies.

Hair loss with gastric balloon

Are There Any Ways to Prevent Your Hair From Falling Out?

Let’s now assume that you are planning to have a bariatric procedure. Are there any ways in which you can minimize the chances of losing hair? Referring back to the previous section, it could be wise to take zinc and iron supplements, particularly if you are prone to developing anemia.

Other herbal treatments such as the use of biotin and silica have caused some individuals to experience beneficial short-term results. Still, remember that everyone is different and that such options will not always work as intended.

Will Your Hair Grow Back After a Gastric Balloon Procedure?

Thankfully, hair loss after bariatric procedure is almost always temporary in nature due to the fact that the follicles are merely dormant for a period of time. Most individuals who experience thinning or lost hair will recover after six months. If you notice a change after this window, it is wise to speak with your doctor or a nutrition specialist. Your body could still be lacking certain vitamins and minerals.

A Small Price to Pay

Hair loss following any type of gastric procedure is generally a mild and self-correcting condition. However, the benefits of this type of procedure tend to far outweigh any temporary side effects. It is also prudent to mention that any type of alopecia could be a signal that you are not receiving the nutrients that your body requires. In other words, this scenario might represent a “wake-up call” in terms of attending to your health.

Are you hoping to enjoy the advantages associated with the Spatz3 gastric balloon? If so, be sure to discuss your options with a doctor or to contact one of our trained specialists. We will be happy to explain this device in greater detail as well as to address any further questions associated with gastric balloons and hair loss.

Lifestyle changes are sometimes the most difficult part of getting a gastric balloon, but with counseling and patience with yourself, it’s possible. Once a habit becomes routine, it’s easily doable. This is what we at Spatz Medical help all of our patients understand. Contact us if you have questions about getting a gastric balloon and to set up a consultation.

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