Postpartum Care: Does a Gastric Balloon Affect Breastfeeding?

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A gastric balloon is a nonsurgical procedure that helps reduce an individual’s appetite and can lead to significant weight loss. However, it’s not the time to lose weight while breastfeeding.

First, let’s take a deeper look into the gastric balloon procedure, and then we will analyze how it can affect breastfeeding mothers.

What is the purpose of a gastric balloon?

Can a woman breastfeed with a gastric balloon? How soon after pregnancy can someone get a gastric balloon?

This article will provide informative content about gastric breastfeeding with a gastric balloon and other related information.

What Is Spatz3 Gastric Balloon?

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Can Women Breastfeed with a Gastric Balloon?

Yes, women can still technically breastfeed with a gastric balloon, however, it is highly suggested that women avoid gastric balloons procedures and other weight loss therapies until breastfeeding has concluded. A gastric balloon is a safe and helpful procedure for people seeking to lose weight. However, it is not the time to lose weight while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Naturally, a woman is going to lose weight while breastfeeding; she will burn hundreds of calories daily. So, even if she eats more than usual, even without a gastric balloon, her calorie intake is going somewhere.

So how does a gastric balloon affect breastfeeding? A woman’s body needs nutrients more than she consumes, even before she starts breastfeeding. Therefore, if a woman gets a gastric balloon, it will reduce her calorie intake and lessen nutrient-rich food. The effect will be negative, specifically on the quality of the breast milk she produces.

Once a woman gets a gastric balloon that leads her to lose weight, it’ll also affect the amount of milk she lactates. Not only will losing weight affect her calorie and nutrient intake, but it will also affect her infant’s health. The first months are crucial for the baby’s developmental stage. They would need all the calories and nutrients they can get, so losing weight is not a good idea.

How Soon After Pregnancy Can One Get a Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon can reduce the calorie, nutrients, and amount of milk a woman lactates if she loses weight. It will not only risk her health but her baby as well. Typically, six months after one’s pregnancy, a mother’s baby can already take complementary food, and weaning can start. Six months is the soonest a nursing mother can get a gastric balloon.

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Gastric balloon and breastfeeding

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