Can I Drink Alcohol With A gastric Balloon?

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At first glance, it may appear as if alcohol and gastric balloon procedures should never be mentioned in the same sentence. However, what if you enjoy a nightcap from time to time or if you are planning on heading out with your friends after a long week at work? Is this possible? What if you have recently undergone a gastric balloon procedure? These are two very important questions to address, and our team has taken the time to provide you with clear and definitive answers.

What Is Spatz3 Gastric Balloon?

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Gastric Balloon Alcohol Consumption: The Basics

It should first be stated that you can consume alcohol if you have a gastric balloon. Having said this, the alcohol and gastric balloon relationship is tenuous at best. While the alcohol will not directly impact the integrity of the balloon, this substance is associated with a handful of other potential issues, such as:

  • Discomfort in the stomach.
  • An increased production of gastric acid.
  • Heartburn, and in severe cases, GERD.
  • An increased likelihood of developing ulcers.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that many types of alcohol are laden with empty calories. This could very well counteract the effects that you are trying to achieve through the use of a gastric balloon. Can you drink alcohol with a gastric balloon? The answer here is yes. However, it is best to strictly limit your consumption.

Alcohol and Gastric Balloon Procedures: How Soon is Too Soon?

Consequences Of Drinking Alcohol

Can I drink alcohol after a gastric balloon implementation?

This is a common question and it warrants a concise answer. Most medical professionals agree that you should avoid all types of alcohol for up to six months after the balloon implementation has taken place.

How long after the gastric balloon implementation can you drink alcohol?

After all, six months seems like quite a long time. There are several reasons behind this recommendation. First and foremost, alcohol thins the blood. This can be problematic and even dangerous immediately after any type of surgery, as internal bleeding may occur.

Can you drink alcohol before gastric balloon implementation?

Professionals state that you should not consume any type of alcohol for at least 48 hours before the implementation is set to occur. Not only does alcohol thin the blood, but it can also lead to dehydration, and it may even interact with some conscious sedations that are administered during a surgical procedure. In other words, abstain from drinking any alcohol if you have gastric balloon implementation scheduled in the near future.

Alcohol And Gastric Balloon System

The Benefits of Adjustable Gastric Balloons

Gastric balloon alcohol restrictions are entirely different, and for good reason. We first need to remember that well-known systems such as the Spatz3 is a non-surgical weight loss solution. In fact, the majority of procedures will only require a short stay before you are able to return to your activities on the same day (Walk-in, Walk-out treatment).

Also, let’s remember that the risks associated with the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon are virtually nil when compared to those which can occur on occasion during a bariatric surgical procedure. This is why a growing number of individuals are choosing Spatz3 in favor of other methods.

Alcohol and Gastric Balloon System: Simple and Straightforward

This is the very same reason why the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon has been making headlines in recent times. Not only can the size of the Spatz3 be changed depending upon your individual requirements, but issues such as intolerance and upset stomach are less likely to occur.

Hopefully there will come a time when gastric balloons are covered by insurance. Until then, there are financing options, and doctors are happy to help you find a way to have a non-surgical procedure to improve your quality of life. Contact us at Spatz Medical today and let us know about you to determine if you qualify for a gastric balloon.

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