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Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to cut out processed foods, fast food, sugary snacks and other “foods” that are far from their original source.  Now you need some help with the transition.

One secret is to start with a handful of reliable, healthy recipes that please your taste buds and aren’t overly complicated to make. Some healthy recipes include exotic (or at least new) ingredients. It may take time to learn where to buy ingredients such as lentils, rolled oats and flax seeds and how to cook with them, so be patient with yourself.

There are literally hundreds of places where you can find repositories of healthy recipes online. Here are a few of our favorite links. For the sake of clarity, we’ve divided them into links that include recipes that are free of all animal products (including eggs, dairy, fish and meat) and those that include animal products.

Spend a bit of time with these recipe archives and you’re certain to find dozens of new, healthy dishes you’re anxious to try in your kitchen at home.


Dr. John McDougall is famous for promoting starch-based diets (beans, corn, rice, potatoes, etc.) for weight loss and maximum health. Lani Muelrath, a speaker and blogger specializing in plant-based lifestyle, compiled tons of recipes Dr. McDougall and his wife Mary have shared in their regular newsletters. In another post, Muelrath compiled 500 recipes for those following Dr. McDougall’s Maximum Weight Loss Diet.

Joe Cross, juicing advocate, health educator and maker of films “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2” offers a wealth of recipes for juicing, smoothies and other whole food eating.

Will Kriski from Potato Strong, offers an archive of his most popular plant-based recipes with great photos.


The All Recipes site has hundreds of healthy recipes and let’s you chose to view them by category, including low-sodium, high fiber, low cholesterol and more.

The Food Network has 30 versions of healthy chicken dinners, including chicken parmesan and other dishes that have been adapted.

The mother lode of recipe ideas, healthy and otherwise, will probably always be Pinterest’s Food and Drink category.  When searching Pinterest, just be sure to use the word healthy in your search to find ideas from among the tens of thousands of resources for healthy eating.

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