Discover The Best Exercises For Knees With Arthritis

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In this article you will discover the best exercises for knees with arthritis. Many people suffer from this knee problem, and it is important to know which exercises to select so that they do not further affect the pain or discomfort.

What is knee arthritis?

Before we examine some of the best knee strengthening exercises for arthritis, it is a good idea to briefly review this condition. While there can be different types of arthritis in knee joints, the underlying osteoarthritis knee symptoms tend to be the same. Pain, stiffness and discomfort are arguably the most common.

The issue is here that reduced levels of mobility can actually cause the arthritis to worsen over time due to decreased muscular strength as the result of a more sedentary lifestyle.

What causes arthritis in the knee?

This scenario results from a degradation in the cartilage found within the knee joint. As a result, the bones begin to rub together. This may lead to a significant amount of discomfort. Factors include age, weight, gender, and any previous injuries. It is also thought that heredity may play an important role. For instance, you will be more likely to develop this condition if one or both of your parents had already been diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis Knee Symptoms

What is the best treatment for osteoarthritis in knees?

Many tips for arthritis in the knees will involve alleviating the associated symptoms. This can often include lifestyle changes such as losing a specific amount of weight or regularly exercising. However, there are times when medical options may produce the desired results.

One example may include the administration of anti-inflammatory medications. Another solution could involve cortisol injections that are placed around the knee joint (these can help to reduce pressure and pain in some individuals).

In more advanced cases, occupational therapy and/or physical therapy could be used to provide patients with relief. Leg braces can be used to take some of the pressure off of the knees and if the condition has progressed to severely impact your life, surgery may be recommended. Of course, the best way to fully appreciate your options is to speak with a trained professional.

Examples of osteoarthritis knee exercises

In the US alone, tens of millions of people have arthritis in their knees. Some go on to have knee replacement surgery. Can people with arthritis in the knee exercise safely, even when their knees hurt?

Turns out, there are plenty of options for exercising with knee pain. And some exercises will even help the person reduce the pain they feel. Don’t forget to stretch and warm up before trying any of these forms of exercising.

The best exercises for knees with arthritis are primarily aimed at lessening the associated symptoms as opposed to rebuilding cartilage. As these movements will also help to strengthen the surrounding muscles, they can offer positive results over time.

Let’s examine some possibilities of knee exercises for osteoarthritis that can help you.

Water Exercises For Arthritic Knees

Water Exercises For Arthritic Knees

The first tip is to head to the pool. Water takes all the pressure of gravity off the joints, so a person with knee pain can experience a much greater range of motion in water than on land. If swimming laps aren’t for you, look for a water aerobics class at your local health club or community pool. With summer coming, you might even find one that meets in the regular outdoor pool.

These water exercises for arthritic knees will provide a massaging effect to the knee joint. Thus, they can be used by individuals who are unable to attend traditional aerobics classes or who may have difficulty walking.

Walking With Arthritis In Knees

Assuming that the arthritis is not severe, walking sessions are extremely useful; particularly when using a treadmill. Some treadmills are specifically designed to provide a cushioning effect. This helps to protect the knee joint while still enabling you to remain mobile.

Low-impact walking with arthritis in knees can be done even by people with stiff joints. Just go slowly until your knee joints loosen up. A good goal is to walk 20 minutes a day. It’s something to shoot for, even if you can only walk a few minutes at a time. Your stamina will gradually increase if you take it slow.

Walking on the street isn’t ideal because concrete doesn’t have any give. Try to walk on grass or dirt paths. And, as mentioned, it’s even better to walk on a treadmill, which offers both shock absorption and a smooth surface.

And, if you’re wondering if cycling is good for arthritic knees, the answer is yes. You’ll be able to strengthen your hamstrings and not put so much pressure on your knee. It is recommended to do stationary cycling, at a not very high level of hardness.

Knee Strengthening Exercises For Osteoarthritis

Some strength exercises are the best exercises for knees with arthritis, as they will help strengthen the muscles in the area and not put as much pressure on the knee when you walk.

Movements that do not compress the knee joint (such as leg extensions and leg curls) are great ways to work the surrounding muscles without having to worry about further damaging the nearby cartilage.

If you strengthen the muscles around your knees, you could get some natural pain relief. Try walking backwards, which will strengthen your hamstrings and doing straight leg raises, which will strengthen your quads.

Low Impact Knee Exercises

Low Impact Knee Exercises: Tai Chi and Yoga

Tai Chi, a gentle form of Chinese movement, is an excellent form of exercise for those with arthritis. Yoga is also a good option.

One of the main benefits of both Tai Chi and yoga is that they can be performed at any age. The associated low impact knee exercises (such as adopting a certain stance for a period of time) will help to increase circulation and to enhance your natural sense of balance.

Furthermore, yoga and Tai Chi can be performed within a class or from the comfort of your own home. While some movements are more difficult to master than others, many individuals feel that these are the best exercises for knees with arthritis.

Of course, the benefits of Tai Chi and yoga go far beyond potentially alleviating your symptoms. They can help to manage stress, to tone muscles and to develop a sense of mental discipline. This is why experts recommend them for even the healthiest of practitioners.

There are tons of resources available online that you can view to learn how to perform these osteoarthritis knee exercises correctly.

Knee Arthritis Exercises To Avoid

You should also be aware of the knee arthritis exercises to avoid. Stay away from high impact sports or exercises that involve jumping. Games such as basketball, football and tennis require participants to pivot, jump and suddenly stop moving. It’s also important to stay away from leg presses, lunges and deep squats, which put extra pressure on the knees. In general, avoid anything that requires bending your knee more than 90 degrees.

Losing Weight With Arthritis

Losing weight with arthritis in your knees with Spatz!

As you may know, obesity can affect bones and joints. Managing your weight is still the most effective way to lessen the symptoms of knee arthritis. This is why many individuals who have been diagnosed with such a condition have been fitted with the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. Because of course it is possible losing weight with arthritis, you just have to adapt the right exercises for you.

With the help of Spatz, you will also be able to manage your diet more effectively and, as a result, reaching your goal weight will be much easier.. If you suspect that you may be suffering from arthritis, always make it a point to speak with a medical professional. He or she will be able to provide targeted treatment options before any real damage is done.

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