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Does Intermittent Fasting Work for Weight Loss?

Does intermittent fasting work for weight loss? If approached in the correct manner, there is no doubt that you will experience impressive results. There are nonetheless several principles which need to be highlighted as well as a handful of tips that will provide you with the necessary guidance when the “going gets tough”. What do the industry experts have to say? If you are considering such a lifestyle change, the information outlined below should be examined in greater detail.

What is the Intention Behind Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting has actually existed in one form or another for untold centuries. It can even be argued that this technique represents a core component of human evolution, as there were inevitably times when there was simply not enough to eat. However, fasting has also become a prominent trend in recent years.

The primary intention is to “shock” the body into a metabolic scenario that forces it to burn excess calories in order to obtain the energy that it requires. These calories often come in the form of excess fat.

As the title already suggests, this type of fasting is performed at intervals; notably different from counting calories for weeks or even months at a time. The majority of experts recommend that it should only be performed once or twice each week. Your body might otherwise not receive the nutrients that it requires. Let’s now discuss the finer points.

Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss

How Much Weight Can be Lost in One Month?

As with many diet-related questions, it can be difficult to determine how much weight you will be able to lose in four weeks. Here are some variables that can impact the overall results:

  • Your level of physical activity
  • Your diet between fasting sessions
  • Your age and overall health

Still, many studies have found that individuals may be able to shed up to three kilograms per month. Therefore, intermittent fasting results in 1 week weight loss equate to approximately 0.75 kilograms.

Intermittent Fasting by Body Type

The results associated with any type of diet will partially depend upon your body type. For example, those with a relatively slow metabolism (known as endomorphs) may find it more difficult to lose weight. Individuals blessed with a relatively fast metabolism (referred to as ectomorphs) are likely to experience results within a quicker period of time. It is therefore wise to speak with a specialist in order to appreciate which category is applicable.

Is it Possible to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat?

If you have been plagued with stubborn belly fat, you are certainly not alone. This type of tissue (sometimes known as visceral fat) can be quite difficult to lose. The main reason is that the body tends to burn fat from other locations first (such as the arms, legs and outer hips). Intermittent fasting can still produce results, but the chances are high that these will take a longer period of time before they become noticeable. Finally, remember that diet and exercise also play pivotal roles if you hope to adopt a balanced lifestyle.

intermittent fasting results

Intermittent Fasting: Women Versus Men

What about intermittent fasting for weight loss women as opposed to men? Are there any differences in the efficacy of such an approach? Some studies seem to indicate that men are more likely to witness results within a shorter period of time. While the exact reasons behind this observation are unclear, we need to remember that women tend to hold a higher percentage of natural body fat when compared to their male counterparts. It therefore stands to reason that losing those stubborn love handles may require more time and effort.

Above all, it is important to mention that this type of fasting should only be carried out under the supervision of a medical professional. You will also need to ensure that your body is receiving the vitamins and minerals that it requires to function properly.

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