Do You Gain Weight When Quitting Smoking?

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Quit smoking and weight gain are often associated with a hand-in-hand relationship. Unfortunately, this may even cause some individuals to continue such a bad habit simply because they are concerned about their body image. There are nonetheless several ways in which you can remain slim and trim while giving up smoking for good.

In order to understand your options, it is first important to address a handful of related questions. Is it normal to gain weight while quitting? What percentage of individuals will experience an increase in their body mass index (BMI)? How long will this weight gain last once you have completely stopped smoking? Continue reading below to learn more.

Will I Gain Weight if I Stop Smoking?

Gaining weight after quitting smoking will be determined by several variables. These include age, gender, genetics, and your current level of physical activity. Having said this, studies indicate that approximately ten percent of individuals will gain between ten and 15 kilograms (up to 28 pounds) once they have fully quit.

There can also be times when quitting “cold turkey” will lead to sudden weight gain that is more noticeable. This can have a profound psychological impact, perhaps leading some to pick up the bad habit once again. However, the associated benefits of avoiding nicotine far outweigh any fat that might have been gained.

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Why Do Some Gain Weight When Quitting?

There are several factors which can come into play. First and foremost, nicotine is an appetite suppressant. Smokers are therefore less hungry throughout the day. Another metric involves the fact that people need something to do with their hands when cigarettes are no longer present. While this is a psychological issue, it can still lead to cravings for food due to what some have termed an oral fixation.

There may also be instances when quitting smoking causes a fair amount of mental stress. Some could turn to food as a coping mechanism. Once again leading to weight gain. Studies have likewise shown that up to half of all women will experience an increase in their body mass index. 28 percent of men may also gain weight.

Stop Smoking and Weight Gain: Bending the Odds in Your Favour

Although quit smoking and weight gain is considered relatively normal, it can still represent an extremely frustrating situation. Are there any steps to take that can limit the overall effects? Let’s examine three worthwhile habits to adopt.

Recognise the Presence of an Oral Fixation

If you become fidgety when attempting to quit, it is a good idea to give your hands something to do. One well-known method is to begin chewing sugar-free gum. This can help to alleviate any temptations that you may have to consume unhealthy foods and an excessive number of calories.

Adopt a Healthy Diet

Diet plays a crucial role in weight gain when quitting cigarettes. As your appetite is likely to increase, it is essential to embrace a healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables while avoiding empty calories that are associated with sugary substances. Not only will you begin to feel much better, but your body will be provided with a host of powerful nutrients.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

The good news is that the majority of individuals who decide to quit smoking will experience increased energy levels. Why not put this motivation to use in the form of regular exercise? Physical activity is an excellent way to boost your metabolism and to burn off excess calories. Furthermore, a well-designed fitness regimen can help to lower levels of perceived stress that may accompany breaking such a habit.

Stop smoking and weight gain

Positive Changes for a Bright Future

Smoking is an extremely unhealthy habit and it leads to countless premature deaths each year. Even while some may experience weight gain, this tends to be temporary in nature. In fact, most will lose any weight that they have accrued within two to three years after stopping smoking completely.

Of course, this is one of many healthy changes that can help to ensure a long and happy life. If you are quitting smoking and are currently using the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon, the odds are already stacked in your favor. Even though quit smoking and weight gain can represent a challenging situation, the future is still in your hands!

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