CrossFit: Is it Really Good for Weight Loss?

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A growing number of individuals are employing CrossFit for weight loss. Ever since this unique style of exercise was first created as far back as 2000, it has attracted those who are looking for alternatives to more traditional approaches.

However, does it make sense to use CrossFit workouts for weight loss? How much weight can the average individual expect to lose? What about the frequency of the sessions themselves? If you are unfamiliar with CrossFit as a fitness lifestyle of you are less than satisfied with your current body mass index, answering these questions should provide a bit of much-needed clarity.

What Exactly is CrossFit?

The central principle of CrossFit involves activating the core muscles of the body through movements that incorporate multiple different movements. These are sometimes known as “compound movements”. The theory is that activating muscles in such a unique fashion will cause the body to adapt, leading to weight loss while increasing lean body mass and even improving coordination. Employing CrossFit for weight loss therefore seems to be a reasonable strategy.

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How Might CrossFit Help You to Lose Weight?

Without becoming overly technical, one of the main advantages of CrossFit is associated with its inherently thermogenic nature. This is another way of saying that the movements will increase your metabolic rate and ultimately, cause you to burn more calories when compared to traditional approaches such as pure strength training.

Another unique aspect of any CrossFit weight loss program is associated with how each routine can be personalized. For instance, one individual may wish to focus upon his or her legs. In this case, movements such as lunges and air squats can be employed. Those instead concerned about their upper body could perform strict presses, barbell thrusts and medicine ball slams.

Once again, the examples highlighted in the previous paragraph will also involve core muscles such as the abdominals and the obliques. This could be a massive advantage for anyone who has had difficulty losing belly fat with other routines. Such flexibility likewise signals that the sessions themselves are not likely to become dull or boring. In other words, most CrossFit practitioners eagerly look forward to the next class.

How Often Should You Train?

Answering this question will need to take into account a handful of factors such as:

  • Your age.
  • Your current fitness level.
  • Whether or not you are dealing with any concurrent medical conditions.
  • Your ultimate goals.

However, most experts agree that those who are new to CrossFit should gently ease into the routines themselves. The chances are high that you ‘ll be quite sore after subjecting your body to unfamiliar movements. It is therefore wise to begin training one or two days each week. You can then increase this frequency as you see fit. Exercising more than five days per week is not recommended, as your body will not be provided with the time that it requires to properly heal.

Crossfit plan for weight loss

What if CrossFit Fails to Produce the Desired Results?

Many individuals will begin to notice a change in their bodies within one month. However, we should note that this also depends on the type of CrossFit weight loss diet plan that is employed. The type of food that you consume will often determine whether or not you lose weight. So, be sure to speak with a nutritionist or a CrossFit personal trainer.

CrossFit trainers who don’t lose weight should also take a look at the types of exercises that they are choosing to perform. This arises from the fact that many will cause an increase in lean muscle mass. This healthy weight gain might offset any fat losses that are simultaneously occurring (especially for those who rely solely upon a scale to gauge their progress). If you are concerned about gaining too much lean muscle mass, it is best to adopt a training routine that emphasizes volume as opposed to building strength.

CrossFit: A Useful Option to Explore

To be clear, CrossFit is not for everyone. Those who suffer from mobility issues or who may have problems with coordination are not likely to experience the benefits mentioned above. Still, there are many who feel that this exercise programme can be an extremely useful tool within their arsenal. If you are hoping to augment the effects of your Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon, considering CrossFit for weight loss is a worthwhile avenue to explore.

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