The Causes of Obesity: What Happens When You Watch Too Much Tv?

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Were you aware that the effects of watching too much TV on adults are often not worth the initial pleasure that may be derived from such a habit? Although television can be relaxing, hidden dangers often exist. Let us quickly examine how this lifestyle can impact the body to fully appreciate why changes may be in order.

Is Watching Too Much TV Bad for You

Similar to other lifestyle habits, television should be taken in moderation. The only issue here is that what might have represented a short session can quickly last for hours at a time. This is why it is important to appreciate watching TV all day effects before moving on to discuss how to break such a habit.

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Can Watching Too Much TV Cause Obesity?

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes” for several reasons. Some of these are quite apparent while others could very well come as a bit of a shock. What do the experts have to say?

Promoting a Sedentary Lifestyle

Perhaps the most obvious effects of watching too much TV on adults involve a lack of physical movement. Remaining seated for long periods of time will naturally cause the metabolism to slow down. As a result, excess calories will no longer be burned as a source of energy. They are more likely to remain stored as cutaneous or visceral fat. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning.

Poor Dietary Habits

Television is attractive due to the fact that it will often distract us from our daily lives. Studies have also shown that watching a great deal of television correlates with the consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages. After all, it is much easier to prepare a microwaveable meal in five minutes as opposed to spending a significant amount of time cutting vegetables for a salad.

Sleeping Issues

Another interesting observation involves how watching television may be linked to poor sleep. There are several theories behind why this could be the case. Some cite the “blue light” that is emitted from television screens. These wavelengths could block an important sleep-related hormone known as melatonin.

However, it is more common for television to force us to remain awake for much longer than is necessary. This causes us to feel lethargic throughout the following day, decreasing the chances that we will perform physical activities such as aerobics or even jogging around the block.

Watching tv all day effects

Breaking the Habit of watching too much TV

It is now clear that watching television can cause us to gain weight if this lifestyle is left unchecked. So, how can you make the appropriate changes sooner as opposed to later?

It is first crucial to recognise that a problem exists. How much time do you spend in front of the television on a daily basis? Most experts recommend that no more than two hours should be devoted to this pastime. The same holds true when referring to other types of entertainment such as social media or online streaming videos.

Assuming that a change is warranted, here are some useful strategies to consider:

  • Set an alarm in advance that will tell you when the time has elapsed.
  • Only watch television during certain times of the day or evening.
  • Replace this habit with healthier activities such as stretching, meditating or taking walks in nature.
  • Keep a written journal of the foods and drinks that you consume while in front of the television.

It is likewise important to remember that enacting a proactive change will require a bit of time and it can sometimes be challenging. However, the simple fact is that too much time spent watching television can have a dramatic impact upon your overall health. This is why admitting that a problem exists is the first step towards embracing a more positive mindset.

Keeping the "Boob Tube" in Check

To be perfectly clear, there is nothing wrong with enjoying television on occasion. A problem only exists if the time spent has begun to negatively impact your bodyweight or health in general.

If you are currently experiencing the benefits of the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon, you should have even more motivation to make the right choices. The effects of watching too much TV on adults have been known for decades, so why not make a positive change?

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