How Electronic Medical Records Help with Obesity Management

Electronic medical records for obesity management

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thanks to modern technology, electronic medical records have now become commonplace. These clever systems are intended to provide a greater level of insight in regard to one’s overall health and they can be used to track a host of metrics (such as blood pressure and cardiovascular health). It therefore stands to reason that these approaches […]

How Does Binge Eating Affect Obesity?

How binge eating affects obesity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most of us are well aware that there is a very real relationship between binge eating and obesity. Unfortunately, these two terms are often classified as entirely separate conditions. This can be problematic when attempting to treat the underlying problem in order to maintain a healthy body weight. In order to stop binge eating, it […]

Can a Meat-Free Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Meat free diet helps lose weight

Reading Time: 3 minutes Free meat diets for weight loss (also known as meat-free lifestyles) have gained a considerable amount of attention in recent times. Not only do these plans appeal to vegetarians and vegans, but they can represent powerful tools for those who find it difficult to effectively manager their body mass index. What does a diet without […]

What are Hyperpalatable Foods and What is Their Relation to Obesity?

Hyperpalatable foods and obesity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you heard of a term known as “hyperpalatable foods“? If no, you are certainly not alone. This concept is nonetheless important to appreciate in order to understand the impact of these substances upon our daily lives. Le’s begin with a rather broad approach. Every biological organism requires sustenance in order to survive. Humans are […]