10 Tips to Stay Healthy Post Spatz Balloon

Reading Time: 2 minutes Let’s prepare for life after the balloon removal. By now, with the help of your dietician and the balloon, and your participation, you have established eating patterns and have learned to take responsibility for your food intake – all leading to a healthy lifestyle. Here are 10 Tips to Stay Healthy Post Spatz Balloon: Stay […]

How To Cope With Discomfort Post Spatz3 Up Adjustment

How to cope with discomfort post spatz up adjustment

Reading Time: 2 minutes All gastric balloons lose effect around the 4th month. This phenomenon is referred to as the weight loss plateau. With the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon, patients can receive an up-adjustment procedure, which increases the balloon’s volume to rejuvenate the weight loss effect and extend the weight loss treatment. Tips for this phase of gastric balloon […]

Read this article about signals versus symptoms

Reading Time: 2 minutes How can you lead a healthier lifestyle and how can a balloon help you achieve that goal? The balloon is a behavior modification tool that will help you change your eating habits and lose weight. It does this by communicating with you. How? Via signals and symptoms. When do signals appear, what do they mean […]