Will Carbonated Water Contribute to Weight Gain?

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Does carbonated water make you gain weight? When we consider that countless individuals have been desperately searching for an alternative to soft drinks, this is a perfectly valid question. While aerated water drinks offer a host of potential benefits, are there any unintended side effects to consider? Let us therefore take a bit of time to separate myth from reality in terms of fizzy water so that you can make the right choices while achieving your personal goals.

Can Sparkling Water Contribute to Belly Fat?

Many individuals are rightfully concerned with the presence of belly fat. Not only is this one of the most noticeable types of fat, but certain diagnoses (such as the presence of visceral or abdominal fat) have been associated with long-term health problems. You will therefore be happy to learn that carbonated water has not been directly linked to belly fat.

However, you may still be asking why your stomach seems to “puff” out after consuming a drink that contains few (if any) calories. The main reason involves the carbonation itself. Sparkling water has been infused with carbonated dioxide. Once taken internally, this gas can have the tendency to “stretch out” your stomach. So, sensations such as bloating are not entirely uncommon. This is also why some individuals may burp after drinking a glass of carbonated water. Note that all of these situations are temporary.

Carbonated water and belly fat

Will Carbonated Water Help You to Lose Weight Over Time?

Does carbonated water make you gain weight if too much is consumed? Perhaps more importantly,can this drink be used to lower your body mass index and to melt away those excess kilos? Many experts feel that this beverage can be a welcome addition to any dietary regimen. The reason behind such an observation involves the notion of satiety.

Satiety is nothing more than feeling full after eating a meal or drinking a beverage. The gas contained within seltzer will provide you with the illusion that your stomach has reached its capacity. In turn, this triggers a portion of the brain known as the appestat into convincing your body that no further calories are required.

This is also the reason why those who are dieting will often drink carbonated water in between meals or should they begin to experience hunger pangs. We should nonetheless note that carbonated water alone will not dramatically contribute to your weight loss goals. It must also be combined with a well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise if you hope to achieve your goals.

Should Carbonated Water be Consumed Every Day?

The vast majority of experts agree that drinking carbonated water on a daily basis will not adversely affect your health. There is still one important caveat to highlight before moving on. Many sparkling beverages contain artificial colors and sweeteners.

In these cases, they are also laden with excess (empty) calories. The irony here is that ingredients such as sucrose and high fructose corn syrup might actually cause you to gain weight, directly counteracting your hard work. It is therefore best to drink pure carbonated water with no additives.

Carbonic acid in carbonated water

Are There Any Downsides to this Beverage?

While the previously mentioned carbonated water benefits are impressive, might there be any pitfalls to note? Notwithstanding the gas and bloating mentioned earlier, this type of water contains carbonic acid. Thus, the risk of tooth decay slightly increases if consumed in large quantities.

The other potential concern is that besides hydration,carbonated water is not providing your body with any vitamins or minerals. This could lead to possible issues if you are already on a diet that is depriving your body of specific nutrients. Thankfully, some carbonated water formulations are infused with certain substances (such as vitamin C) that can be readily absorbed by your digestive system.

Carbonated Water: The "Sparkling" Weight Loss Drink

Assuming that you have already begun to experience the benefits offered by the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon, adding seltzer to your diet could be a great way to feel fuller for longer periods of time. While bloating may cause a certain amount of discomfort, this sensation is generally temporary in nature. The answer to the question “does carbonated water make you gain weight?” should now be “crystal” clear.

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