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How to Choose the Right Gastric Balloon for You

How can you make the most appropriate choice of Intragastric Balloon? Why not choose the balloon with the highest weight loss and the highest success rates? These two achievements by the Spatz balloon was made possible by satisfying two important needs- needs not addressed by other balloons:

  • First, you will need a balloon that your stomach can tolerate. 
  • Secondly, it is important that the effects of the gastric balloon do not diminish over time.


Compared with four other gastric balloon trials in the US, the Spatz3 adjustable balloon offers the highest success rates. That means that patients with a Spatz balloon have a greater chance of a successful outcome compared with four other gastric balloons (84% success compared with 25%-48% in the other four balloons). Why does Spatz achieve the highest success rates? Because it’s balloon size can be adjusted and customized to patient needs. Whether you are intolerant to the balloon or your balloon effect wears off, only the Spatz balloon volume can be changed with a simple 15-minute outpatient procedure to accommodate patient needs.

How Will You Know if You Can Accomplish Your Weight Loss Goals with an Intragastric Balloon?

You may have already read about other gastric balloon success stories. How will you know if you can accomplish similar results? The fact is that everybody is different. Therefore, choosing a non-adjustable gastric balloon (“one-size-fits-all”) might not be able to provide the long-term weight loss results that you have been looking for.

For this reason, more and more patients are turning to Spatz3, which can be personalized to accommodate your unique physical and dietary requirements. The size of the balloon can be reduced if you feel a great deal of discomfort, and it can also be increased to rejuvenate and extend treatment effectiveness

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Gastric Balloon Success Rates: Spatz3 Vs Other Weight Loss Methods

Now that we have seen why so many individuals are choosing the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon, it is important to take a quick look at how this product compares to other well-known approaches.

Adjustable Gastric Balloons Vs Weight Loss medications

Weight loss pharmaceuticals or weight loss pills have been around for many years, however they are dependent on patient compliance and result in much lower weight loss, lower success rates and very high recidivism rate (weight regain approaches 97%). Newer injectable medications have better weight loss results than their predecessors, however, they have a significant rate of nausea and vomiting which causes patients to stop injecting the medication – again, its a matter of compliance and the drawback of medications. The benefit of gastric balloons is that once implanted, any side effects are first treated with dietary changes  – which is very good for behavior modification and long term success.  

Adjustable Gastric Balloons Vs Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery (Gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and others) is another accepted method for weight loss. Weight loss is excellent, however, the main challenge with bariatric surgery is that it’s an invasive procedure with a significant risk of mortality, and post-operative complications requiring reoperation. Once bariatric surgery is completed, studies show that patients may regain as much as 50 percent of the weight that was initially lost. We can now see why bariatric surgery might not represent the best option for your needs. Gastric bands (Lap Band) are surgically implanted mechanical devices that were quite popular in the past , but have been replaced by other more successful surgeries such as the gastric sleeve operation. 

Start Your Treatment with Spatz3: The Highest Weight Loss Balloon Success Rates

The success rate of gastric balloon techniques has come a long way thanks to the Spatz3.  Should you wish to lose weight and keep it off, the Spatz3 is the ideal solution. In terms of the highest success rates alone, among gastric balloons, the Spatz3 gives you the highest chance for a successful outcome.

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