The Non-Surgical Features of Gastric Balloon Safety

What is a Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon?

What exactly is a non-invasive gastric balloon? This type of device will not require any type of invasive surgery, unlike alternative methods, such as the most commonly performed bariatric surgeriesgastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or mini bypass (Lap Band or gastric band are much less recommended). This is obviously important in terms of both safety and recovery time.

Non-invasive weight loss options could very well be the only choice for those who may be suffering from underlying health conditions. This is another reason why the Spatz3 has proven to be one of the most popular products on the market today.

Common Gastric Balloon Side Effects
Weight Loss Surgery

Why Spatz3? Let’s talk about Gastric Balloon Safety:

One of the issues associated with gastric balloons is the side effects, such as acid reflux or ulcers (irritation of the lining of the stomach). The Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon does encounter these side effects like all balloons, but thanks to its adjustability feature, it can alleviate some of the side effects, giving you the most comfortable treatment on the market. So, how is this balloon implanted and removed? 

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The Implantation Procedure

It is relatively easy to insert the Spatz3 gastric balloon into your stomach. 

Once a standard endoscopy has been performed, the balloon will be placed alongside the endoscope and passed into the stomach – under direct vision. Your doctor does not pass the balloon blindly by hand, as in many other balloons. The balloon is then inflated and the endoscope is removed – all in 15 minutes under conscious sedation. Patients are sedated enough so they do not feel discomfort, but light enough so they wake up minutes after the procedure, and go home within the hour.

The Adjustment Procedure

Should you undergo an adjustment procedure (up or down adjustment) – An endoscopy will be performed, and your doctor changes the volume of the balloon using the patented stretchable valve – a 15-minute procedure. This is done using conscious sedation as in the implantation procedure and you go home within the hour. 

The Extraction Procedure

An endoscopy will be performed, and your doctor deflates the balloon using the patented stretchable valve or by draining the balloon with a suction needle, after which the deflated balloon is pulled out through your mouth – a 15-minute procedure. This is done using conscious sedation as in the implantation procedure and you go home within the hour. 

Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon Versus Bariatric Surgery

The Spatz3 represents a non-invasive weight loss procedure. In other words, no cuts or incisions are required during the implantation, adjustment and extraction procedures. While the patient is under conscious sedation, the associated risks are low. Furthermore, most of the side effects and complications associated with surgical procedures are not present with the Spatz balloon. 

Surgical procedures require hospitalization for several days, if there are no complications, or longer in the event of post-operative complications. Compare that to the Spatz non-invasive weight loss option, which can be performed on an outpatient basis –  you can go home within an hour after the 15-minute procedure. Let’s also keep in mind that unlike traditional and popular surgical options, the size of the gastric balloon can be adjusted in order to meet your personal weight loss goals.

Start Your Treatment with the Spatz3 Today: The Non-invasive Balloon with the Highest Success Rates

The Spatz3 is the world’s first non-invasive adjustable gastric balloon, and it is truly revolutionizing the weight loss industry. Not only is this a safe alternative to invasive surgery, but the procedures themselves are clear and straightforward. Would you like to learn more about what this adjustable gastric balloon can provide? If so, please take a moment to contact one of our Spatz representatives.

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