Best Tips To Lose Belly Fat

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Many people search daily for tips on how to lose belly fat fast. But, like everything else, getting rid of it takes time. Let’s see how we can reduce it. First of all, if you have a few extra pounds around your stomach, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, there are millions of people throughout the world who are in the same boat as you, carrying too much weight around their belly.

The issue with belly fat is that it’s actually detrimental for your health, potentially causing many various medical issues as time moves on. Regardless of your overall weight, medical problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and many more are all directly correlated to stomach fat.

Throughout this post, we will focus on providing more information about the main causes of belly fat in women and in men, and teach you a few tips for losing weight and leading a healthier life.

What Causes Belly Fat?

First, before we focus on stomach fat, it must be mentioned that the Mayo Clinic states that there are four main reasons for determining your weight:

  • Your daily calorie intake. The more calories you consume, the more weight you gain.
  • Your daily burned calories through exercise. If you are eating too much and exercising too little, odds are you’re going to be gaining weight.
  • Your age. Unhealthy habits are not the only cause of weight gain. Your age also plays a role in the variance of your weight. Due to your loss of muscle mass as you age, your body uses calories at a slower pace, causing you to burn less calories every day. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, men in their 50’s are supposed to eat 200 calories less than a man in his 30’s on a normal day.
  • Your genetics. In addition to calorie intake and age, your genetics can also play a factor in determining your weight. These are the main factors to take into account when you’re trying to lose weight, especially belly fat.
Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat?

Oftentimes, people think that the best way to lose belly fat is to exercise the abdominal muscles. However, that isn’t the case. The fat that builds up in your belly, visceral fat, responds to the same weight loss strategies that are geared for shedding excess weight. Here are a few examples of ways to start losing belly fat:

Transition Towards a Healthier Diet

There are no foods that burn belly fat on their own. Eliminating it is the result of healthy eating over time. We know that eating healthy can be tough, but the benefits definitely outweigh the costs. Try adding more plant-based foods into your diet to lose belly fat, such as vegetables and fruits, or even whole grains. Start eating more lean sources of protein, like fish and various low-fat dairy products. Lastly, try to stay away from saturated fats. If you can begin to transform your diet, you’ll be one step closer to getting rid of your excess belly fat.

Pay Attention To Portion Size

Continuing with tips to lose belly fat, you have to keep in mind that, even if you’ve transformed your diet and you’re only eating healthy foods, your daily calorie intake can still add up. Make sure you take each portion size into account. When you’re at home, try lowering your portion size a bit; it may not always seem like it, but we often overeat. If you’re out at a restaurant, don’t be afraid to take some of your meal home. When you have portion control under control, you’re another step closer to living your best self.

Get Rid Of The Sugary Beverages

Sugary beverages are one of the main causes of excess sugar in one’s diet, because they don’t always realize how much sugar they consume. Try substituting your next sugary drink for water or even sparkling water to give you some added taste. If you’re better at taking things one step at a time, start your transition with drinks that contain artificial sweetener and then move on to solely water. Whether you are looking for how to lose belly fat for men or for women, this is a very effective recommendation.

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Add Physical Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

If you’re wondering how to remove belly fat, you know that physical exercise is one of the most important factors when it comes to losing weight. In fact, the Department of Health and Human Services suggests at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity, and at least 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity.

However, if you want to lose weight, you will most likely need to exercise more and include various types of strength training in your workout. You can also set up a home gym to more easily incorporate exercises to lose belly fat ​into your daily routine. But remember that, as we said before, it is not true that exercise targeting your abdominal muscles will help you lose belly fat if you do not combine it with other healthy habits.

Spatz3 Balloon, one of the effective ways to lose belly fat

As you now know, losing belly fat is not something that will happen overnight; it will take a good amount of effort and patience for you to meet your weight loss goals. Being that you’re trying to create long lasting change and keep weight off in the future, you should aim for steady weight loss strategies that focus on long term success. Starting a diet and a workout to lose belly fat are the most important steps you should take.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon may be the answer, as it maintains the highest weight loss results on the market and has helped over 70,000 patients worldwide meet their weight loss goals. It is certainly one of the most effective ways to lose belly fat for people who are obese.

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